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UPF-Argentina Discusses “Development Agenda 2030-2050”

Argentina-2022-12-01-“Development Agenda 2030-2050” Ends 2022 IMAP/UPF-Argentina Series


Argentina—“Development Agenda 2030-2050” was the theme of the interview with Uruguayan educator Marita Copes, which ended the 2022 IMAP/UPF-Argentina Series on December 1, 2022, through UPF-Argentina’s YouTube channel (1).

Dr. Mirta Von Sädemann, from the IMAP-Argentina team, lead the interview followed by journalists Adrián De Angelis, IMAP-Argentina representative, and Matías Sayavedra, from the IMAP-Argentina team; with the participation of Miguel Werner, UPF-Argentina president.

Ms. Copes studied Social Psychology, Family and Organizations at CAEPS Center, and has a broad experience in different areas. She has great experience as a lecturer, consultant on Sustainable Development, Education and Care Guide, mentor in Startup and Scale-up Projects and Entrepreneurships, Strategy development, enabler of training in Communities, Groups of Interest and Focus Groups.

To start, she admitted feeling glad and grateful for joining the Series, due to her admiration for IMAP, and because she considers the media are fundamental to spread what she does. She also shared her work in recent years, with interviews of experts from all regions, focusing on sustainable development. On this subject, she considered there is a decline due to conflicts, war, the “excuse of the pandemic,” etc.

She passionately talked about her work, with great knowledge gained from her experiences, to which she added the MUNAY purpose, which in Quechua can be summarized as: “Loving nature, ourselves and others.” She addressed prosperity and sustainable economy, and condemned the waste of talent of certain influencers and how difficult it is for leaders with values of peace to have more prominence.

Ms. Copes is founder of Code R (2006), a group of institutions, entrepreneurs and professionals in all areas, which operate in alliance and self-management for projects. She is also executive director of the Code R Alliances HUB International, with its head office in Uruguay, declared of interest by Colonia Department’s Quartermaster.

The IMAP/UPF-Argentina 2022 Series held 13 interviews, which began on June 9 with WFWP-Argentina president, Rosetta Conti, on the “30 Years of the Women Federation” (2). Then, there were guests, mostly Ambassadors for Peace, from areas related to education, sports, media, religion, lectures etc. Also interviewed were protagonists of 2022 Peace Road Argentina and the Malvinas veteran Julio Aro, on the “40 Years of Malvinas” (6).

IMAP-Argentina set as its goals: To promote an optimal, ethical journalism, which includes in their agenda both intercultural and interreligious training, promoting the creation of truthful information and quality content that can contribute to society. To promote socially responsible, autonomous and free media, with no pressure from vested interests, with diverse voices, not biased nor subjected to simple economic interests. To protect each person’s dignity and values of common good, with the highest professional standards. To claim the communicative value of the word, with a message of hope, with a peace perspective (15).

After its launch in our country, on August 20, 2020, IMAP-Argentina addressed the following lines of action: Freedom of press and expression, Social Responsibility in the media, Power and service, Dignity and Human Rights, Journalistic Ethics and Peace values (16).


1) Interview with Marita Copes

Theme: “2030-2050 Development Agenda” - 1-12-2022:

IMAP/UPF-Argentina 2022 Interview Series:

2) WFWP-Argentina President Rosetta Conti

Theme: “30 Years of the Women Federation” - 9-6-2022:

3) Writer and Cultural Manager Mary Acosta

Theme: “Educating for Peace” – 23-6-2022:

4) International Coach Juan Cayuela

Theme: “Energetic Health for a Fulfilled Life” – 30-6-2022:

5) Prof. Graciela Echague, from Quebec, Canada

Theme: “Art for Peace” – 7-7-2022:

6) Malvinas Veteran Julio Aro

Theme: “40 Years of Malvinas” – 28-7-2022:

7) Solidary Ultra-marathonist Sebastián Armenault

Theme: “Overcoming is Winning” – 11-8-2022:

8) On the 2022 Peace Road Argentina

“Connecting Argentina through Peace” – 25-8-2022:

9) Lecturer Martín Utrera Velásquez, from Venezuela

Theme: “Women’s Vulnerability and Improvement in Current Times” - 1-9-2022:

10) Silvia Gabriela Vázquez

Theme: “Training Socially Responsible Leaders” – 8-9-2022:

11) Imam Marwan Gill

Theme: “Islam: A Journey from Myths to Reality” – 6-10-2022:

12) Rab. Arieh Sztokman and Architect Amanda Arimayn

Theme: “The Creation of the World” – 27-10-2022:

13) Marita Regolo, Luciana Zambrano, Ailén Marquesano

Theme: “2022 Peace Road Argentina” – 10-11-2022:

14) Educator Marita Copes

Theme: “2030-2050 Development Agenda” - 1-12-2022:

15) More information on IMAP-International:

16) Presentation IMAP/UPF-Argentina 20-8-2020

Journalists panel “Freedom, Responsibility and Values”

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