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ILC Nigeria

Peace Education

International Leadership Conference Schedule

Dates: July 14-18, 2011 | Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria - The International Conference Center in Abuja, Nigeria, has hosted many prestigious events in the twenty years since the new federal capital was founded in 1991, but the eleventh stop on the UPF Founder’s Peace Tour 2011 on July 17 was surely one of the most memorable. A crowd of around 3,000, including more than 700 from overseas, was on hand to hear the UPF Founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon speak at length of God’s hope that Nigeria will become a model nation of peace and a beacon of light to all of Africa.

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Speakers Powerpoint (45MB)

July 14, 2011

Legacy of Peace Program

Emcee Welcome
Rev. Mwalagho Kililo - Secretary General, UPF-Africa

Interfaith Invocation
Bishop Cleham Kings Degaya
Sheikh Dr. Musa Mohammed

Opening Remarks
Dr. Chang Shik Yang - Vice-Chair, UPF-International

Introduction to the “Legacy of Peace”
Dr. Sun Jo Hwang - Senior Vice-Chair, UPF-International

Video Report

Memorial Ceremony
Mr. Tageldin I. Hamad - Secretary General, UPF-International

Chief Segun Olusola - Chair, UPF-Nigeria
Mrs. Kathy Rigney - UPF Special Envoy to Africa
Mr. Tafewa Balewa - Son of Hon. Tafewa Balewa

Prayers of Rememberance
Mr. Tafewa Balewa
Rev. Emmanuel Zakwoyi

Founder’s Message
Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, President, UPF-International

Dr. Hee Sun Ji - Regional Chair, UPF-Africa

July 16

Opening Plenary: Toward an Era of Universal Peace in Africa and the World

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh
President, Universal Peace Federation

Bishop Jorge Lindo Cambundo
Founder, The Prophetic Church of the Winner in the World

Dr. Hamdi Mohammed Murad
Co-founder, Jordanian Interfaith Co-existence Center; UPF Presiding Council

Plenary Speakers
The Rt. Hon. Gabriel Messan Kodjo
Former Prime Minister, Togo

H.E. Turai Yar'Adua
Former First Lady, Nigeria

Hon. Telezya P.L. Huvisa
Minister, Office of the Vice-President, Tanzania

Hon. Ibrahim Nasiru Mantu
Former Deputy President of the Senate, Nigeria

Hon. Madhav Kumar Nepal
Prime Minister (2009-2011), Nepal

Video Presentation
Introducing the Universal Peace Federation

Keynote Address
Rev. Hyung Jin Moon
International Chairman, Universal Peace Federation


Session II: UPF 2011-Key Programs and Guiding Principles

Rev. Olaleye Alao
Secretary General, UPF-Nigeria

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Vice-Chair, UPF-International

Dr. Michael W. Balcomb
Director of Communications, UPF-International

Mr. Tageldin I. Hamad
Secretary General, UPF-International

Prof. Masahisa Hayashi
Faculty of Social Sciences, Waseda University, Japan


Session III: Peacebuilding in Africa and the World

Rev. Mwalagho Kililo
Secretary General, UPF-Africa

Hon. Lala Henriette Randriamampionona Ratsiharovala
Former Minister of Justice, Madagascar

H.E. Sam Hanna Zakhem
Former US Ambassador to Bahrain

Hon. Peter Lokeris
Minister of Mining, Uganda

Dr. Hideo Oyamada
Chair, UPF-Japan

Hon. Wim Van Eekelen
Former Minister of Defense, the Netherlands

  Sightseeing Outing
July 17

CONCURRENT A: Agriculture and Africa’s Future

Ms. Chantal Komagata
Secretary General, UPF-Switzerland

Jong Hoon Park and Jong Hwan Sung
New Village Movement, Korea

Hon. Samuel Aryeetey Attoh
Former Agriculture Minister, Ghana

Hon. Koya Nishikawa
Former Cabinet Minister, Japan

CONCURRENT B: Interfaith Peacebuilding

Dr. David Earle
Vice-Chair, UPF-UK

Professor Christiaan J.G. Vonck
Professor of Comparative Religions, Belgium

Imam Drame Moussa
Vice President, Islamic National Council, Cote d’Ivoire

Msgr. Jacques Gaillot
Titular Bishop, Diocese of Partenia, France

The Most Rev. Dr. Oluwele Abiola
Chairman, Council of African and Afro-Caribbean Churches, UK


CONCURRENT C: Health and World Peace

Mr. Jacques Marion
Secretary General, UPF-Eurasia

Dr. Dong Ho Cho
21st Century Health and Healing

Prof. Ndioro Ndiaye
Director General of TRS National TV in Senegal

Prof. Han Xian Feng
UN Chinese Alliance Human Life Research Center

CONCURRENT D: Good Governance

Mr. Mark Brann
Secretary General, UPF-Europe

Prof. Akiko Yamanaka
Visiting Professor, Cambridge University, UK

Hon. Pascal Gayama
Special Advisor of the President, Congo

Mr. Raul Domingos
President, Party for Peace and Development, Mozambique

Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal
Member of Congress, Nepal


Founders' Tour 2011: Building a World of Universal Peace at a Time of Global Crisis

More on the Founders' Tour

Interfaith Invocation

Opening Remarks


Video Presentation

Introduction to the Founder

Keynote Address
Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon - Founder, UPF


July 18

SESSION VI: Africa and the World

Dr. Evelyn D.S. Kandakai
Singer, founder of AIDS clinics in Africa

H.E. Valentine Sunday Akpati
High Priest of Ogumeland in Delta State and of the Oriso Parrapo Kingdom, Nigeria

Mrs. Diaka Diakite
Minister of Social Affairs, Women and Children, Guinea

Hon. Mangwanda Gifudu
Former Minister of the Environment, DR Congo

Hon. Ricardo Lumengo
Member, National Parliament of Switzerland


Closing Session

Mr. Tageldin Hamad
Secretary General, UPF International

Rev. Agatha Chukwurn
President, Gold Crest Family Center, Lagos

Hon. Evgeny Nikulishev
Plenipotentiary State Advisor of the Russian Federation

Gen. Malimba Masheke
Former Primer Minister of Zambia, UPF Global Peace Council

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh
President, UPF International

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