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International Association of Academicians for Peace

UPF-Argentina Observes UNESCO's International Day of Education and World Day for the African and Afrodescendant Culture


Argentina—“Integration of the youth in schools” and “re-entry schools, a path towards peace,” were the themes addressed on January 25, 2023 with Elena Canadell, undergraduate in educational institutions administration, geography teacher, preventive mediator in addiction-related issues and, for more than 14 years, re-entry director in Villa Soldati, Buenos Aires City (3).

The Discussion in support of the World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture held on January 26, 2023 was with Ambassador for Peace Irene Ortiz, host of the radio program “Amor por África” (Love for Africa) and president of the Africa House in Argentina which, since 1995, has spread African culture in Argentina and provided integral care to migrant Africans who arrive to the country (4).

The International Day of Education was established by the UN General Assembly to be celebrated every January 24th, this year with the theme: “To invest in people, prioritize education.” This was an opportunity to appreciate such a fundamental human right (5) and the teachers’ role in educating citizens for common good, development and coexistence among peoples.

The World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture celebrates the various cultures of such a large continent and its diaspora around the world, and promotes them as an efficient instrument for sustainable development, dialogue and peace. This date coincides with the adoption of the Charter for African Cultural Renaissance in 2006 by the heads of state and government of the African Union, an opportunity to spread such values (6).

It is worth remembering that the International Association of Academicians for Peace (IAAP) is one of UPF-International’s leadership areas in a new organizational development phase, seeking to gather representatives of different areas, with values and good practices, to create greater participation, commitment and joint cooperation for common good, integral development and peace (7). In Argentina, IAAP was inaugurated in November 2020 (8).


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