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Youth and Service

UPF-Russia Program Guides Schoolchildren in Recycling

Russia-2021-11-30-UPF Instructs Schoolchildren in Recycling

Lyubertsy, Russia—UPF-Moscow organized a program to teach primary-school students how to separate, sort and dispose of waste.

The “eco-quest” was held on November 30, 2021, at Lyceum No. 4 in the Moscow region city of Lyubertsy, with the support of the Environmental Protection Department of the Lyubertsy city administration.

Dmitry Samko and Elena Knyazeva of UPF-Moscow in their short introductory remarks told the children the essence and principles of processing separate waste.

Then the approximately 35 children took part in a game that consolidated their knowledge. Teams had to determine what kinds of waste should be sorted, whether further processing is possible, whether the product is considered environmentally friendly, how long it will take to decompose in nature.

The young ecologists coped with the assigned tasks almost flawlessly. Everyone liked the instruction very much, and they approvingly responded to the organizers' offer to tell their friends and family about the skills they had acquired. All the children were presented with environmental gifts for their participation.

Similar events are planned in the near future. It is possible that young graduates of such eco-lessons will bring new ecological habits into their homes and help their parents choose environmentally friendly products and recyclable packaging, as well as continue or begin to separate waste at home.