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UPF International & NGO Committee on the Family: The Effects of Urbanization on the Family
Friday 13 May 2022



"The Effects of Urbanization on the Family" will be discussed Friday, May 13 from 1:15 to 2:30 New York time during a virtual event by the NGO Committee on the Family and co-sponsored by UPF in commemoration of the UN International Day of Families.

This program will explore the impact of urbanization on families for both good and ill.  Greater access to education, technology, and infrastructure may increase the (presumed) quality of life of rural and indigenous populations.  However, that same access may threaten families, and cultures, if children fail to preserve family bonds, lore, and even language. Speakers will discuss their research and experiences in tracking and dealing with these trends, as well as give their counsel for preparing for the future.

Susan Roylance, first and foremost a wife and mother of seven children, as well as a strong international advocate for families, founded United Families International in 1978. Since then she has written four books, including the United Nations Negotiating Guide, and was one of the driving forces behind the book Family Capital and the SDGs: Implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In the latter, family capital is defined as “Mothers, fathers, and their children engaging in the business of life supported by an extended and intergenerational family network- all working together to create a virtuous web that serves economic, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of all family members; and ultimately serving communities and nations.” She says there are many family-based solutions to the world’s problems. Susan is currently resident in Guatemala, where she is directing humanitarian and development projects. We are excited to hear how her practical experience is informed by and informs her academic knowledge.
Amy Fa’atoafe, Executive Director, Native American Fatherhood and Families Association, is part Navajo and Hopi and was raised in Mesa, Arizona. She joined NAFFA staff in October 2015 as their Program Director. Prior to working for NAFFA Amy worked with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community for nearly 10 years in their Social Services Department. Amy received her Master in Social Work from Arizona State University with an emphasis on Planning, Administration & Community. She is a mother and wife and loves spending time with her family. Native American Fatherhood & Families Association (NAFFA) began in 2002 with just one father and the mission of bringing men back to strengthening their families. Since then, NAFFA has successfully impacted thousands of lives and families. NAFFA has three signature curricula, 1.) Fatherhood Is Sacred®, Motherhood Is Sacred®, 2.) Linking Generations By Strengthening Relationships® and 3.) Addressing Family Violence & Abuse®.