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Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations: Interfaith Search for Peace Solution for Ukraine
Monday 02 May 2022


How can not only the war in Ukraine be ended, but in a further step also a stable peace order be established? This question will be the subject of a high-level panel discussion in Vienna on Monday, 2 May (5.30 p.m., Central European Time)

  • Taras Chagala, pastor of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Vienna,
  • Andrej CIlerdzic, Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Austria, 
  • Community Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister,
  • Gudrun Kugler, Member of the National Council 
  • UN expert Afsar Rathor
  • Imam Dzemal Sibljakovic of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria
In the run-up to the event, which was organised by the Coalition of Faith-Based Organisations Austria (CFBO), it was said that religions also had to make a significant contribution to this peace order. Ukraine needs a stable new peace order "so that after the war does not become before the war", said CFBO President Elmar Kuhn. Religious minorities such as the active Jewish religious community and the approximately two million Muslims in Ukraine should not be forgotten. Such a new peace structure presupposes reconciliation and trust. Both cannot be decreed from above, but must arise in the hearts of the people. And this is where the religions have to take responsibility. Kuhn: "Without them, no future can be built.
The Coalition of Faith-Based Organisations was constituted in October 2019 as an interfaith association. The aim of the association is to work for education for peace and against corruption. Particularly at the UN site in Vienna, CFBO wants to contribute religious values and experience to the design and implementation of UN activities in close cooperation with the UN Office against Crime (UNODC) and other UN agencies.
The broad-based board of CFBO includes representatives of numerous churches and religions; among them the Old Catholic Bishop Heinz Lederleitner, the Syrian Orthodox Choir Episcopos Emanuel Aydin, the Armenian Apostolic Bishop Tiran Petrosyan, the President of the Austrian Buddhist Religious Society, Gerhard Weißgrab, Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister and Aiman Mazyek, Chairman of the Central Committee of Muslims of Germany.
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