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IAED: Opening North Korea’s Economy: What Vietnam Can Teach Us
Tuesday 19 April 2022


TUESDAY, April 19, 2 – 3:00 PM EST (New York Time)



To date, North Korea has not chosen the path of economic reforms that Vietnam adopted.  But could Vietnam become a model?  In considering the desire to maintain peace on the Korean peninsula, and the hope for its eventual peaceful reunification, attention should be given to the importance that North Korea attaches to its economic security and development.  In the 1980s Vietnam faced a similar economic situation: a poorly performing state-led economy, over-dependence on Russia, and external pressures (such as sanctions) created conditions of internal economic crisis. This webinar will draw from the personal experiences of our speakers in dealing with Vietnam and their in-depth research of North Korea’s economy, to help answer that question.

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Bradley O. Babson

Since 1997, Brad Babson has studied the North Korean economy and written extensively on economic perspectives on the integration of North Korea into the international community. He is former Chair of the DPRK Economic Forum at the U.S.-Korea Institute, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and recently served on the World Economic Forum Global Futures Council on the Korean Peninsula and taught a course on the Two Koreas and Geopolitics of Northeast Asia at Bowdoin College.  He presently serves on the Advisory Council of the Korea Economic Institute of America and the Advisory Committee of the National Committee for North Korea.

Mr. Babson worked for the World Bank for 26 years before retiring in 2000, mainly in East and Southeast Asia, including serving as Regional Representative in Bangkok and opening the World Bank office in Hanoi in 1994.  Since retiring he has consulted for the World Bank and United Nations and been involved in projects sponsored by various institutes, foundations, and universities.  He received his BA degree from Williams College in 1972, and MPA degree from the Princeton School of International and Public Affairs in 1974. He lives in Brunswick, Maine.

Col. Albert Vernon Short

Managing Partner, Global Resources Network, LLC

Col. Short has over 40 years’ experience working constructively with foreign governments, international agencies, NGO’s, and the private sector.  He has resided in Asia (Japan, Vietnam, Singapore & Brunei) and Africa (Somalia), for over 20 years; and travels frequently and widely. He currently is Managing Partner of Global Resources Network.

Mr. Alan Jessen (Moderator)

North American Coordinator, 
International Association for Peace and Economic Development

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International Association for Peace 
and Economic Development - USA

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