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IAED: Past, Present, and Future Opportunities for Economic Engagement: The Kaesong Industrial Complex and the Unjong High-Tech Development Zone
Tuesday 15 March 2022


Past, Present, and Future Opportunities for Economic Engagement: 

The Kaesong Industrial Complex and the Unjong High-Tech Development Zone

TUESDAY, March 15, 2 – 3 PM EST (New York Time)

Mr. Bill Brown will discuss the history and effectiveness of the Kaesŏng Industrial Park and the  Kumgangsan Tourist Region in bringing greater cooperation between the 2 Koreas. The Kaesŏng industrial park operated from 2004 to 2016 as a collaborative economic development with South Korea. It is located ten kilometers (six miles) north of the Korean Demilitarized Zone, with direct road and rail access to South Korea.

Mr. Paul Tjia will look into the possible opportunities for cooperative software development with institutions within the Unjong High-Tech Development Zone. This zone, designated in July 2014, is located on the outskirts of Pyongyang. The zone is affiliated with the State Academy of Sciences (SAS), rather than the Ministry of External Economy, which oversees most other SEZs. This is the only economic zone with a dedicated and important institutional base that is both focused on its development and vested in its success.

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Mr. Bill Brown

Member, Board of Directors, Korea Economic Institute of America
William B. Brown (Bill) is Chair of George Washington University's North Korea Economic Forum in the Institute of Korean Studies (GWIKS) and is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service where he teaches occasional courses on the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean economies. He also teaches Contemporary China at University of Maryland Global College.
His career as an economist and East Asia specialist has included extensive work in the CIA, Commerce Department, and the National Intelligence Council.
He was raised in Kwangju, Korea by Presbyterian missionary parents who themselves were born and raised in China and Korea, respectively.

Mr. Paul Tjia

Founder and Managing Director, GPI Consultancy

In 1995, Paul founded GPI Consultancy, a consultancy firm in the field of international outsourcing. Paul has contacts with companies in many parts of the world. His business contacts with North Korea began in 1997, and his first visit took place in 2006. He now organizes business missions to this country on a regular basis. He also arranges dedicated tours for journalists and academics to North Korea; his last visit was in 2019.

Dr. Michael Jenkins

President, Universal Peace Federation International

Dr. Michael Jenkins is President of The Washington Times Foundation, which sponsors The Washington Brief webcast. He is also Chairman of The Washington Times Holdings, the LLC that owns The Times news organization. He has led a number of well-received fact-finding trips to Korea and Japan that have met with the legislative, executive, intelligence, and military leadership of those countries.

As President of the non-profit NGO, the Universal Peace Federation International, Dr. Jenkins has decades-long experience conducting peace initiatives all over the world, particularly in Northeast Asia and the Middle East.

Mr. Roger Wetherall (Moderator)

International Association for Peace and Economic Development, USA

Sponsored by:

International Association for Peace 
and Economic Development - USA

We affirm our belief that business leaders have the opportunity and responsibility to work in collaboration with other sectors of society to make the world a better place, addressing its most significant challenges, and promoting world peace, long-term mutual prosperity and truly sustainable development.Click here to be kept informed of future IAED Programs.

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Thank you,Roger Wetherall
IAED-USA Coordinator
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