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UPF-UK-Honouring Activists for Peace in the Middle East
Thursday 20 January 2022


UK event


Universal Peace Federation UK

'Honouring Activists for Peace in the Middle East'

Date: Thursday, 20th January, 2022Time: 18:00 GMT / 12:00 PST / 20:00 ISTDuration: One Hour 30 mins including Q and A

You are invited to a special event 'Honouring Activists for Peace in the Middle East' to honour and award three individuals who have been proactive in promoting peace in the Middle East - especially between Palestine and Israel. The three gentlemen will individually share about their work and be awarded Peace Ambassador Awards by Universal Peace Federation (UPF) - for their commendable and far-reaching initiatives.

- Ghassan Abdallah: Palestinian Author, Educator and NGO Progressive, living in Israel. *(See bio below)- Guy Frenkel and Majed Othman: Two entrepreneurs who live in Los Angeles, US, with Israeli and Palestinian ethnicity, (who grew up in their respective regions, before moving to the US). They co-founded the largest civil diplomacy exercise in history - on the popular App Clubhouse.

Over a two-week period, the ‘Meet Palestinians and Israelis’ ClubHouse room was running 24 hours a day, with candid discussion between people who live in the region and some diaspora participation too.

Personal stories were told and many huge, positive effects occurred as a result - with more compassion, understanding, friendships and collaborations resulting. Half a million people (unique users) participated in the room over that duration and around 2,600 speakers - with an average time of one hour per person spent in the room. Many kept returning over the course of that week. Clubhouse said it was their largest and most successful room since the inception of the App. *(Please see bios and media links below)

Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali, representing UPF - UK, will host the programme - with the support of Gulrukh Khan (multi-awarded film-maker and holistic facilitator), who listened to the Clubhouse room consistently for two weeks, as a listener and twice speaking participant.

All are welcome to the event which will be held over Zoom. Eventbrite will be used to register for the event. 

Bios of Awardees:

Dr Ghassan Abdallah: Palestinian Retired Educator (teacher at several local Palestinian Community colleges and universities), living with his family in East Jerusalem. Received his Doctorate from Cambridge in Ed. Psychology & MA in education Development from the School of Ed. Russell Square, University of London. One of the founders of CARE Centre for Applied Research in Education (1989. He is now the Director of CARE on a voluntary basis. Dr. Abdallah received several Peace Awards for his Peace Education writings & activities. Dr. Abdallah is the author of Peace Education publications. 

Guy Frenkel: award winning Israeli Storyteller, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. Also co-founder of ClubHouse APP Meet Palestinians and Israelis - the largest recorded multi-track diplomacy effort in history. He is the author of the acclaimed children’s book The House on Melody Street which promotes tolerance and the celebration of differences. Through his company Ceor, Guy has become a world-renowned ‘Baker to the Stars’ and bread innovator. His breads have been displayed at the Laurent and Martin Art Gallery and the Craft and Folks Art Museum in Los Angeles, and his “most expensive bread in the world” was featured on Fuse TV. In 2020 Guy founded ‘Cast Your Bread’ a charitable grassroots organisation that bakes for those battling hunger. Today CYB has given away more than 15,000 loaves through its eight chapters.

Majed Othman: Palestinian - Israeli Entrepreneur, peace influencer and co-founder of Meet Palestinians and Israelis -the largest recorded multi-track diplomacy effort in history. Majed is invested in community building and development and has established lucrative relationships across the US, in an effort to influence peace. Media on Meet Palestinians and Israelis ClubHouse">Room

Warm wishes, 

Margaret Ali: Director, Universal Peace Federation - UK

Gulrukh Khan: Multi awarded Film Maker and Holistic Facilitator, UPF, Ambassador for Peace

Robin Marsh: Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation - UK

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) - UK

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