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USA-IAED-The North Korean Economy in the Kim Jung Un Era
Tuesday 21 December 2021


The North Korean Economy in the Kim Jung Un Era 

TUESDAY, Dec 21, 2 – 3:15 pm EST (New York Time)

In considering the hope for a peaceful reunification on the Korean peninsula, most attention has focused on the security and geo-political issues. But perhaps the economy will offer a faster path to reform and opening. The border closings during the pandemic have led to uncertainty and inflationary pressures in North Korea’s economy that may present an opportunity for change.According to Prof. Brown’s article on 38 North:

“Kim Jong Un recently brought attention to the country’s poor food situation, but his more immediate and unmentioned concern may be growing confusion in the country’s unusual, partially-dollarized monetary system. North Korean won, US dollars, and Chinese yuan all circulate in a system that mixes state-controlled and market-determined wages and prices. After years of relative stability, the wild swings in prices and internal exchange rates in recent days threaten to raise the level of popular desperation and may make reopening trade with China more difficult.“Is the socialist command economy still strongly in place or has it evolved, and is Chairman Kim in a position to make economic reforms the way China has in the past to move toward integration with the world economy?  

This webinar will address the economic forces at work in North Korea today and examine the impact they are having on the country and the North Korean leadership, and what policies could be implemented in the democratic world to incentivize this change.Please register now to join us for this webinar, or you can watch it on Facebook Live

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William Brown

Member, Board of Directors, Korea Economic Institute of America

William B. Brown (Bill) Brown is Chair of George Washington University's North Korea Economic Forum in the Institute of Korean Studies (GWIKS) and is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service where he teaches occasional courses on the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean economies. He also teaches Contemporary China at University of Maryland Global College.
His career as an economist and East Asia specialist has included extensive work in the CIA, Commerce Department, and the National Intelligence Council.
He was raised in Kwangju, Korea by Presbyterian missionary parents who themselves were born and raised in China and Korea, respectively.

Col. Albert Vernon Short

Col. Short has over 40 years of experience working constructively with foreign governments, international agencies, NGOs, and the private sector.  His areas of expertise include defense and security matters, national-level planning and accountability measures, effective technology transfer, program planning, implementation, and evaluation, and cross-cultural communications.  He has resided in Asia (Japan, Vietnam, Singapore & Brunei) and Africa (Somalia), for over 20 years; and frequent travel in Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, including the Micronesian States. He currently is Managing Partner, Global Resources Network, LLC with project interests in West Africa, principally Nigeria. 

Roger Wetherall (Moderator)

US Coordinator, 
International Association for Peace and Economic Development

Sponsored by:

International Association for Peace 
and Economic Development - USA

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