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Japan ILC 2021, August 2, 6, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 30, Sep 1
From Monday 02 August 2021
To Wednesday 01 September 2021




“Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Prospects for Economic Development and Peace; Ideologies, Worldviews and International Relations


Monday, August 2
Session 1:       IMAP Webinar co-sponsored by the Sekai Nippo            
14:00 JST       Theme: “Forecast for South Korean presidential election 2022: Implications for North-South and Japan-Korea relations”

                        Mr.  Isami Ueda: Editor of the Sekai Nippo (Moderator)
Dr. Chang Soo Jin: Former president of the Sejong Institute

                        Prof. Junya Nishino: Professor at Keio University

Friday, August 6

Session 2:
19:00 JST       Theme: “The Republic of Korea Remembers Other Countries' Kindness: Story of Ethiopian forces supporting the United Nations Command of Korean War."
                        Speaker: Mr. Eijiro Minami: Former Japanese Missionary to Ethiopia

Wednesday, August 11 (Postponed)

Session 3:       Joint IAPD Webinar of UPF-Korea and UPF-Japan

                        Theme “Unification and Peace: Drawing a peace in Korean Peninsula Religious Ideal World and the Role of Religious leaders for Unif. of Heavenly Korea.”



Saturday, August 14

Session 3:       Session organized by UPF-Taiwan

                        Theme: “Peace in Korean Peninsula from the perspective of Korean National Liberation Day”


                        Dr. Tang, Yen-Po, President of UPF-Taiwan,

                        Mr. Lee, Hyun-young, President of UPF-Korea

                        Hon. Lin, Yi-hua, Legislator, Taiwan

                        Hon. Lee, De-wei, Legislator, Taiwan

                        Hon. Shim, Jae-kwon, Parliamentarian, South Korea

Dr. Liou To-hai, Professor, College of International Affairs, Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University

Dr. Ming Lee, Professor, College of International Affairs, Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University

                        Rev. Jung Tae Suk, Chairman of FFWPU Taiwan




Wednesday, August 18
Session 4:       Joint Webinar of WFWP Japan, Korea, and US; Co-sponsored by UPF
09:30 JST       Theme: 
“Life of people in North Korea: Facilitating mutual understanding for reconciliation of the Two Koreas”

Prof. Min Gyu Kim: Visiting Professor at University of Wisconsin

Mrs. Son Ja Han: Korean-Chinese woman who helped North Korean defectors 

Ms. Hee Ryang Cheon, North Korean 3rd generation living in Japan

Ms. Eun Ha Shin, North Korean defector

Session 5:       Joint Webinar of UPF-Japan and UPF-USA

0:30 AM JST Theme: Asian Lynchpin: Addressing Technical, Societal and Political Challenges of the Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel (IAAP)

Moderator: Larry Moffitt, Secretary General, UPF USA

Dr. Katsumi Ohtsuka, Chairman, Universal Peace Federation Europe/M. East

Mr. Pak from Korea

Mr. Hirofumi Sato, Board Chairman, International Highway Foundation 


Thursday, August 19

Session 6:       Joint webinar of UPF-Japan and UPF-Asia Pacific

14:00 JST       Theme: “Re-imagining Asian Century: Connectivity and Economic Integration for Sustainable Peace”

                        Moderator: Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Vice Chair, UPF Asia Pacific

                        Speaker 1: Bering Straits project - Dr. Michael Jenkins, President, UPF Int’l 

                        Speaker 2: Japan Korea Undersea Tunnel (Mr. Masayoshi Kajikuri, Chair, UPF Japan) 

                        Speaker 3: One Belt One Road (BRI) for Economic Integration (former Ambassador to China) Vietnamese or Pakistani or Nepali)

                        Speaker 4: Indo-Pacific Strategy for Sustainable Peace (Indian, or Australian or Indonesian speaker)

Thursday, August 19

Session 7:       IAPD Session 
14:00 JST       Theme: 
“Prayer for Japan-Korea friendship and Peaceful Unification of Korean Peninsula”

Rev. Tokudo Nishitani, Chief Priest of Tentokuji Buddhist Temple

Followed by prayers of religious leaders

Friday, August 19

Session 8:       Joint IAPD Webinar of UPF-Korea and UPF-Japan

17:00 JST      Theme: The Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel Project

Japanese Speaker: Mr. Masayoshi Kajikuri, UPF Japan Chairman, President of The International Highway Foundation,


Friday, August 20 

Session 9:       Theme: “Significance of Ideology for the Korean Situation”

16:00 JST       Speaker: 
                        Mr. Yoshisumi Asai: Lecturer of Doshisha University

                        Mr. Isami Ueda: Reporter of the Sekai Nippo


Friday, August 20

Session 10:     Theme“Prospects for Situation in Northeast Asia and Japan-Korea Economic 
18:00 JST       Relations”


Mr. Atsushi Ijuin, Senior Researcher, Japan Center for Economic Research

Prof. Yukimitsu Sanada, Professor at Aichi Shukutoku University

Mr. Jioon Lee, Chief Econ., Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.

                        Mr. Jun Isomura, Senior fellow at Hudson Institute

Saturday, August 21
Session 11:     Joint webinar of UPF-Japan and UPF-EUME

17:00 JST       Theme"How can the Korean People's Common History and Culture Contribute to Peace of the Korean Peninsula?"

Japanese Speaker: Mr. Yoshisumi Asai: Lecturer of Doshisha University

Monday, August 30, Monday

Session 12:     Joint IAPD Webinar of UPF-Korea and UPF-Japan 5th Region

                        Webinar on Marmaray Tunnel and Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel


Hon. Gozde Dizdar, Founder/Managing Director of GD Global, Turkey

Prof. Shinnichiro Nagano, Professor Emeritus at Daito Bunka University

Prof. Jin Hee Park, Professor at Korea Maritime and Ocean University


Wednesday, September 1

Session 13: Military Perspectives
14:00 JST


Mr. Yasuo Ogushi, former Commander in Chief of the Air Defense Command

Mr. Koichi Furusho, the 26th Chief of Staff of the Maritime Self-Defense Force

Mr. Takashi Arai, former Lieutenant general, Japan Grand Self-defense Force