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Asia-Pacific ILC 2021, July 28-29 - "Toward Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Best Practices in Track II Diplomacy"
From Wednesday 28 July 2021
To Thursday 29 July 2021


ILC 2021 Program bangkok


ILC and Think Tank 2022 Global Forum 

July 28-29, 2021

Bangkok Time


"Towards the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Best Practices in Track II Diplomacy: The Private Sector, Civil Society, NGOs FBOs and Humanitarian Relief”


This ILC will turn attention to the role of non-state actors, examining a variety of steps that may be taken that contribute to peace and eventual reconciliation on the Korean peninsula. ILC Part Two will have six sessions, each dedicated to a core area of work carried out by non-state actors that contributes to peace on the Korean peninsula: NGOs, FBOs, Corporations, Humanitarian Agencies (WFP), Arts and Culture. Panelists will offer recommendations for steps that can be taken toward a peaceful resolution of the Korean conflict. [Note: July 27, 1953 was the day the armistice was signed.] 


Wednesday July 28, 2021     

10:00 AM       Opening Session: Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: 

Best Practices in Track II Diplomacy

                        Moderator: Dr. Venus Agustin, Vice Chair – UPF Asia Pacific  

                        Opening Remarks: Pres. Demian Dunkley, FFWPU Asia Pacific 1 

                        Video Presentation: Introduction to UPF 2020 

                        Chairman’s Remarks: Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Chair, UPF Asia Pacific

                        H.E. Parmanand Jha, First Vice President, Nepal (2008-2015)

Dr. Joseph Refugio, President, Philippine Council of Deans and Educators in  Business, Philippines

Dr. Lauren Richardson, Lecturer in Department of International Relations, Australian National University, Australia

“UPF Founder’s Vision toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula     and World Peace”: Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Senior Advisor and Education Director,   UPF Asia Pacific

                        Congratulatory Performance: Archbishop Elias Soria

                        Session Coordinator – Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel 

                        Session Rapporteur – Ms. Leslie Anne Radam 

12:00 NN        Session Two: “First Ladies and Women Leaders’ Contribution in Peace-                                building: Sharing Global Experiences in Support of Inter-Korean Peace                             Talks”

Moderator: Mrs. Merly Barlaan, International Vice-President & Deputy Director for UN Relations, Women’s Federation for World Peace International 

IAFLP Video Presentation

Opening Remarks: Dr. Julia Moon, President, Women’s Federation for World Peace International 

Peace Song by Madam Shiranthi Wickremesinghe Rajapaksa and Carlton Pre-school staff 

Madam Shiranthi Wickremesinghe Rajapaksa, Spouse of Prime Minister (2005 - 2015), Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka  

Cultural Performances of the Marianas

Madam Diann Mendiola Tudela Torres, First Lady, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) (2015-Present)                 

Hon. Madam Hisila Yami, First Lady, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (2011-2013), Member of Constituent Assembly  

Song Performance: Ms. Saraswoti Khatri, Singer, Sur-Sudha Musical Group

Hon. Huwaidiyah Pitsuwan Useng, Member of Parliament (2001-2005), Kingdom of Thailand

Dr. Younghee Kim, Policy Advisory Member, Member of Ministry of Unification, Republic of Korea               

Closing Remarks: Mrs. Blessie G. Dhakal, International Coordinator, International Association of First Ladies for Peace 

                        Session Coordinator – Mrs. Blessie G. Dhakal 

                        Session Rapporteur - Ms. Kahee Gadon Dhakal

2:00 PM          Session Three: Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Best                                     Practices of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society

            Moderator: Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, Secretary General, UPF Thailand

                        Opening Remarks:  Dr. Tageldin Hamad, International Chairman, World                                                             Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)

                        Hon. Vijay Jolly, President, Delhi Study Group, India   

Ms. Grace Shwe Zin Htaik, Vice President, Intellectual Property Proprietors' Association, Myanmar

Gen. Dr. Shyam Prasad Nepal, Retd. Deputy Inspector General, Nepal Police; Educator, Hindu Spiritual Council and Astrologer

Col. Jonathan Q. Baldevarona, Chairman and President, Maharlikan Movement  for Cultural and Community Protection, Philippines

Q & A 

                        Session Coordinator – Mrs. Ursula McLackland 

                        Session Rapporteur - Ms. Maraia Carry Aparece

4:00 PM          Session Four: Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Best                           Practices of Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and Civil Society

                        Moderator: Mr. Krishna Adhikari, Sub-regional Director, UPF India 

Opening Remarks:  Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Regional Secretary General, UPF   Asia Pacific

Asst. Prof. Phramaha Nopadol Punnasuvaddhako, Ph.D., Senior Vice Dean,  Faculty of Buddhism, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Thailand 

Mr. Digvijay Kharote, Director, Art of Living Projects, India

Mr. Palash Mahmud, Founder and Executive Director, Conscious Consumer Society, Bangladesh

                        Hon. Pinto Katia, Member of Parliament; Elder, Church of Jesus Christ of the
                                                       Latter-day-Saints, Kiribati 

                        Dr. K.H. Mohammad Nizam As-Shofa, Chairman, Indonesia Celebrating
                        Differences, Indonesia

            Q & A 

                        Session Coordinator – Mrs. Ursula McLackland

                        Session Rapporteur – Mrs. Rowalyn Kofarau

Thursday July 292021        

10:00 AM       Session Five: Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula:                                    Humanitarian and Private Sector Initiatives

                        Moderator: Rev. Yutaka Yamada, Sub-Regional Director, UPF Oceania 

Special Remarks: Dr. Thomas McDevitt, Chairman, The Washington Times, USA

                        Mr. Roland Jabbour, President and National Chairman, Australia Arab Chamber 

of Commerce and Industry (AACCI), Australia

Mr. Ameya Prabhu, Chairperson, Indian Chamber of Commerce Western Region Committee, India

Ms. Preethi Bhardwaj Rama Nand, Executive Director of Amnesty International Malaysia (2020)

Dr. Tan Monivann, Vice-Chairman, Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, Cambodia

Q & A

Session Coordinator – Ms. Riza Santarin 

                        Session Rapporteur - Ms. Mee Hwa Atimalala

12:00 NN        Session Six: Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Culture, Arts and Sports Initiatives and Peace Road Projects 

                        Moderator: Rev. Hajime Saito, Sub-Regional Director, UPF Mekong Region 

                        Opening Remarks: Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Vice Chair, UPF Asia Pacific 

                        Mr. Bunhok Lim, Deputy Director General Asian Cultural Council, Cambodia  

                        Dr. No Hi Pak, Senior Adviser, UPF Korea  

            Mr. Lamin D. Bangura, President, African Union of Kazakhstan 

“Peace Road Project in Support of Reunification of the Korean Peninsula”: Rev. Sophal Chamroeun, Coordinator, Peace Road Asia Pacific 

Cultural Performance: Little Angels and North Korean children performing in both Koreas 

Q & A

                        Session Coordinator - Rev. Hajime Saito

                        Session Rapporteur -  Ms. Esther Yin Dhakal

2:00 PM          Session Seven: Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula:                                 Youth and Student Initiatives

Moderator: Ms. Kahee Gadon Dhakal, Bachelor of Arts Student, Ateneo de Manila University

Opening Remarks: Mr. Ronnie Sodusta, IAYSP – Asia Pacific 2

Video Presentation from IAYSP

                        Mr. Bjorn Noel DeNiese, Rotary Club of Gangtok Smart City, India

                        Mr. Ben Evans, President, International Taekwondo Federation, Australia

                        Hon. Syed Ali Haider Gillani, Member of Parliament, Pakistan  

Ms. Juhee Um, Member of ‘UniUs Project’ for Reunification, South Korea 

                        Closing Remarks: Dr. Tang Kimsruy, IAYSP – Asia Pacific 1

                        Q & A

                        Performance: Mr. Piseth Sam, Cambodia

                        Closing Remarks: Dr. Tang Kimsruy

                        Session Coordinator:  Dr. Tang Kimsruy 

                        Session Rapporteur - Mr. Daniel Meadows


4:00 PM          Closing Session: Summary and Recommendations

                        Moderator: Rev. Greg Stone, Deputy Secretary General, UPF Asia Pacific 

                        Congratulatory Remarks: Pres. Masaichi Hori, Regional President,
                        FFWPU Asia Pacific 2 

                        Video Presentation of ILC Highlights 

Ms. Emele Duituturaga, CEO of Pacific Island Association of NGOs  (PIANGO), Fiji

                        Mrs. Deepti Rawat, National Secretary General, BJP Mahila Morcha, India 

Closing Remarks by Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Chair, UPF Asia Pacific 

Congratulatory Dance Performance on Filial Piety by Hong Kong Youth 

                        Session Coordinator – Rev. Greg Stone

                        Session Rapporteur – Ms. Jenny Mendoza