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UpComing this month
UPF Africa-ILC-Toward Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Peace and Security
From Friday 02 July 2021 -  08:00am
To Saturday 03 July 2021 - 05:00pm

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EUME ILC Jul 2 3


Agenda ILC July 2-3, 2021

Friday July 2, 2021

9:00-10:30AM Session One: Opening
Theme: Korean peninsula and The State of Relations Between USA, China and Russia

This session will review the efforts made by the 6 parties since the end of confrontation in Korea. How the relations between the super powers have impact the situation in Korea. What needs to be improved or changed in the six party talk to make it more productive and lead to Korean reunification? Does the Biden administration offer new perspectives in this process?

11:00-12:30 PM Session Two

Theme: Multi-lateral Relations in East Asia
This session will discuss the political environment of Asia and will reflect on how it affects the situation in Korea. What are the allies on each side? How can they influence the rapprochement between the two Koreas? Are there any chances or indicators that bear witness to this trend? Who would benefit from this reunification?

2:00-3:30 PM Session Three
Theme: Trilateral Relations among DPRK, ROK and Africa
This session will assess the state of relations of the two Korea with African nations. Can the principle of “the friend of my friend is my friend” work? What role each of these nations can play? What contributions can its nations make now to promote rapprochement between the two Koreas without compromising their original relationship with their former partner?

Saturday July 3, 2021

9:00-10:30AM Session Four
Theme: The United Nations and the Korean Peninsula
This session will explain the role of the United Nations in the Korea conflict since the UN Troops fought in Korea back in 1950. What role UN can play to speed up the reconciliation process. How the UN organs can contribute in each level to support that achievement?

11:00-12:30 PM Session Five
Theme: The African Union and the Korean Peninsula
This session will discuss the relation between AU and the two Koreas. AU has 53 members states and two of them took part in Korean War. How can AU participate in the reunification process? How the African nations can contribute to that goal?
1:00 PM Session Six: Closing: Summary and Recommendation

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