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ILC 2021 North America
From Thursday 24 June 2021
To Saturday 26 June 2021


Join us for the International Leadership Conference June 24-26

Pick which session you'd like to attend. You can join 1 or many sessions!
*** All times are listed as EDT

Thursday, June 24
10:30-11:00 AM Session 1: Opening Session

  • Welcoming Remarks
  • UPF Introductory Video
11:00-12:10 PM Session 2: The State of Relations between U.S., China and Russia
  • Dr. Michael Jenkins (Moderator) 
  • Mr. Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
  • Mr. Guy Taylor, National Security Team Leader
  • Dr. Georgy Toloraya, Director of the Center for Russian Strategy in Asia, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences
2:00-3:10 PM Session 3: Trilateral Relations among Korea, Japan and the U.S.
  • Mr.  Larry Moffit (Moderator) 
  • Mr. Bruce Klingner, Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia, The Heritage Foundation
  • Mr. Greg Scarlatoiu, Executive Director, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Washington, DC
  • Prof. Kim Hyung-suk, Chairman, Institute for Inter-Korean Social Integration; Vice Minister of Unification of Korea (2016-17); envoy to Inter-Korean Summit with North Korea.
Friday, June 25
10:00-11:10 AM Session 4: Prospects for Renewal of the Six Party Talks: Goals vs. Expectations
  • Dr. Michael Jenkins  (Moderator) 
  • Amb. Joseph Detrani,    former Special Envoy for Negotiations with North Korea and the Director of the National Counterproliferation Center
  • Amb. Christopher Hill,    Charles W. Ball Distinguished Adjunct Professor of International Affairs in the Columbia University School of International Public Affairs (SIPA); former head of the U.S. delegation to the Six Party Talks 
  • Mr. Fred Fleitz, CEO, Center for Security Policy 
12:00-1:10 pm    Session 5: Northeast Asia Environmental Tipping Points after a Century of Conflict and Hard Choices: Deforestation, DMZ and the Gobi Desert
  • Ms Vicki Tiahrt, Chairwoman, Congressional Club  (2008 - 2010) (Moderator) (Invited)
  • Dr. Seung-ho Lee, President, DMZ Forum, Inc
  • Dr. Matthew A. Shapiro, Associate Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Rev. Zagery Oliver, Executive Vice President, Universal Peace Federation USA 
  • Dr. Lisa M. Brady, Professor of History, Boise State University
2:00-3:10 pm    Session 6: Economic and Political Realities in Northeast Asia
  • Ms. Kaeleigh Moffitt -  Congressional Liaison - UPF USA  (Moderator)
  • Ms. Shihoko Goto, Deputy Director for Geoeconomics, Wilson Center
  • Hon. Cliff Stearns,    Executive Director and Advisory Council, APCO Worldwide; U.S. House of Representatives (1989-2013)
  • Tom McDevitt, Chairman, The Washington Times 
Saturday, June 26
10:00 – 11:30 am    Session 7: Military Perspectives about and within Northeast Asia
  • Ms. Tomiko Duggan, Senior Vice-President of UPF USA (Moderator)
  • Capt. James E. Fanell    (U.S. Navy ret),    Former Director of Intelligence and Information Operations for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, US Navy
  • Col. Grant Newsham    (USMC ret), Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy; Research Fellow, Japan Forum for Strategic Studies
11:30-12:00 pm    Session 8:  Closing Session
  • Closing Remarks
Special Session: Tuesday, June 29
Collaboration between UPF North America and UPF Europe and the Middle East 
2:00 –3:10     Session 9:  Biden Administration Policies and the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula
  • Mrs. Kaeleigh Moffitt - Moderator
  • Congressman Dan Burton, (moderator & speaker), U.S. House of Representatives (1983-2013)
  • Mr. Harry Kazianis, Senior Director of Korean Studies, Center for the National Interest
  • Dr. Ramon Pacheco Pardo, (invited) Associate Professor (Reader), King’s College, London
  • Dr. Barthélémy Courmont, Senior Research-fellow, Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS), France