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Sneak Preview: “The Strait Guys” - a Documentary on the Proposed Bering Strait Tunnel"
Thursday 17 June 2021


5:00 PM (Moscow time), 10:00 AM (New York time)


Universal Peace Federation (UPF) has been a longtime advocate for a Bering Strait tunnel as part of an intercontinental “Peace Road”. UPF International Chair, Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, will introduce filmmaker Rick Minnich, who has spent the past eleven years documenting the efforts of the “Strait Guys” to gain support for the Intercontinental Railway, which would connect Asia to North America via a train tunnel beneath the Bering Strait. The film is scheduled for release in autumn 2021. So this is an opportunity to preview the film, and discuss ways UPF and the filmmakers can work together to share the story of this monumental international peace project.

Moderator: Dr. Thomas Walsh, Chair, UPF International
- Rick Minnich, Independent Filmmaker; Director of “The Strait Guys”
- Scott R. Spencer, Chief Project Advisor, Intercontinental Railway
- Victor Razbegin, Co-founder, Intercontinental Railway

More about the Film:

Title: The Strait Guys
Director: Rick Minnich
Producer: Gunter Hanfgarn Length: 100 minutes
Date of release: Autumn 2021

Synopsis: Whatever happened to the monumental 19th century dream to connect the USA and Russia with a train tunnel beneath the Bering Strait? Ask the passionate team of Americans and Russians known as the “Strait Guys”, who have been fighting for decades to convince international governments, corporations, and indigenous tribes to green-light their $100 billion railway project which promises to become the Panama Canal of the 21st century. As they struggle to keep their “peace, progress, and prosperity” project alive, the Strait Guys leave us wondering: What is really preventing us from being connected?

More information:

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