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6th Rally of Hope
Sunday 02 May 2021

The 6th Rally of Hope scheduled for May 2, 2021.

- Sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation and is dedicated to the theme of “Building Partnerships for Peace: Toward the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula.”

- Will feature Keynote Addresses from heads of state and other distinguished world leaders from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. A list of previous Keynote Speakers for the Rally of Hope Series is attached. 

- Will also feature the inauguration of an International Association for a Unified Korea consisting of several expert working groups from a wide range of sectors---government, business, academia, media, religion, and civil society---dedicated to exploring the prospects for peace on the Korean peninsula. This global network will act as a virtual think tank.   

The Rally of Hope series has attracted the attention of millions of viewers worldwide, as it addresses the critical challenges of our time, promoting constructive dialogue and multilateral cooperation for the sake of peace and human development.

More info soon.