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UPF-Africa and IAPP - “The Role of Parliamentarians in the Peaceful Reunification of Korea"
Saturday 10 April 2021


3 pm - GMT
Africa Regional Headquarters


Your Excellencies, Ambassadors for Peace and all beloved,

It is our hope that this letter finds you in good health in these times of widespread crisis.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) are pleased to invite you to a webinar on Saturday 10 April 2021, at 3pm GMT on the theme: THE ROLE OF PARLIAMENTARIANS IN THE PEACEFUL REUNIFICATION OF KOREA.

The reunification of Korea is a project that ought to eventually lead to the reunification of North and South Korea into a single state. Both countries made a commitment to strive for reunification in the Joint Declaration of June 15, 2000. In particular, the Declaration, signed by Kim Jong-il and Kim Dae-jung, states that “For the achievement of reunification, we have agreed that there is a common element in the South's concept of a confederation and the North's formula for a loose form of federation. The South and the North agreed to promote reunification in that direction”.

The reunification of Korea was also the dream of the founders of UPF, and they have constantly worked to ensure that Korea becomes one nation again. In practice, there are several hurdles in implementation of this project, and no date has yet been set for its realization.

Korea’s history has always been influenced by its neighbors and the international community, which also played a crucial role in the conflict and division of Korea. Many initiatives have been undertaken by this same community of nations.

In this webinar, we will discuss the international environment, the issues at stake, the role of current and former leaders and more specifically the point of view of parliamentarians to create the conditions for the reunification of one of the last countries still divided since the time of the cold war.

Distinguished and honorable parliamentarians as well as top UPF regional personnel who will speak include:

  • Senator Mohammed Shaaba Lafiagi, Chairman, Committee on Finance, ECOWAS Parliament and Chairman, IAPP Nigeria
  • Hon. Dorwohn Twain Gleekia, Chairman on the committee for peace and Reconciliation in the Parliament of Liberia
  • H.E. Ousseini Tinni, former President of the National Assembly of Niger and Chairman, UPF Niger.
  • Hon BANKATI Bolagbédé, Former Member of Parliament of Togo and Secretary General, IAPP, TOGO
  • Mrs. Katherine Rigney, Chairperson, UPF Africa
  • Dr. Paterne ZINSOU, Vice President, UPF Africa and Regional Coordinator of IAPP Africa
  • Rev George M. Ogurie, Sub-Regional Director, UPF Africa-West and Regional Coordinator of IAPD Africa will be the moderator.

Kindly add your voice to that of millions of people who will come together this Saturday, April 10, to discuss on the theme: “Peaceful Re-unification of the Korean Peninsula: The Role and Contribution of Parliamentarians”.


  • Mrs. Katherine H. Rigney

    UPF Africa Regional Chair

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