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UPF's IMAP Conference on Brexit, What Now?
Monday 25 January 2021
Contact Robin Marsh: Secretary General, UPF - UK / Margaret Keverian-Ali: Director, UPF - UK

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Universal Peace Federation's International Media Association for Peace event,

'Ok, We Have Done Brexit, What Now?', looking to UK's future.

Moderator: Rita Payne, Journalist, Moderator and Media Consultant, President Emeritus, Commonwealth Journalists Association. Adviser, Asian Affairs magazine and The Democracy Forum.

Humphrey Hawksley: Former BBC foreign correspondent, author and commentator.

Lord Meghnad Desai: British economist and former Labour politician.

James Willson:Publisher of European Union Political Report and a Board Director of the Brussels Press Club.

Peter Zoehrer:International Media Association for Peace Coordinator for Europe


The long traumatic rift in UK politics has been decisively ended with January being the first month of the brave new post-Brexit world. What will be the reality of 'Global Britain'? Already there are comments from Chinese media about the increase in the UK's military budget 'Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to carve out a role for Britain as a swashbuckling leader of a new era of global cooperation and free trade, backed by cutting edge modern military and cyber capabilities.' CGTN 19 Nov 2020.

On the other hand there are comments from the Chancellor about cutting back on the Foreign Aid Budget. No doubt he is wondering how to salvage something from the UK's budget after the monumental level of borrowing needed to support the UK economy through the pandemic and facing massive changes due to Brexit. In some areas doing trade deals while reducing the Foreign Aid Budget might be counter-productive. 

At this time we would like to consider how the UK can forge it's way in the world? Are there some simple principles that could assist decision making? The Universal Peace Federation proposes acknowledging our 'Interdependence', promoting 'Mutual Prosperity' through partnership and collaboration and following 'Universal Values'. 

On a very regular basis Ministerial delegations come from around the world to seek inward investment from the City of London. Influential figures of many nations send their children to study in the UK. The UK ranks highly for soft power and influence in the world. The UK possesses many positives but there is a growing sense of that dissipating in a post Brexit and in particular in a post Queen Elizabeth II world. 

How should this post- Brexit, 'Global Britain' forge its way in the world?

Please register on the link above.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Marsh: Secretary General, UPF - UK 

Mobile: 07956210768 

Margaret Keverian-Ali: Director, UPF - UK 

Mobile: 07723024750

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) – UK

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