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UPF Peace Council - UK
Saturday 05 December 2020


It is again that time of the year when Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Regional Representatives and Ambassadors for Peace from various parts of the UK come together at the Annual UPF Peace Council on Saturday 5th of December. We are grateful for all those who gave their amazing support during this year. The annual coming together of the branches and the areas of UPF activity across the UK. It has been a strange and tragic year. Most of our activities have been online. We will begin by sharing with you the highlights of the 2020 events and development of certain projects we are planning for the future. We will also bring UPF international news as well featuring the many developments during 2020.

Leading up to this programme there have been small groups planning different events and activities for 2021. We would like to hear from these groups to highlight the activities in their area of expertise. With contributions from our peace activities, our inter-religious and inter-cultural work, from our Young Achievers and the partners who collaborate with us, it will be an inspiring occasion. UPF branches across the UK will also share their activities. The Chair of our Board of Trustees, Keith Best, as well as other Trustees, will share their plans going forward. We will present Ambassador for Peace awards during the afternoon. Please see the programme below and the 2021 Calendar from this link

Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali

UPF Peace Council Programme:

• Invocation- Rev Dr David Hanna

• Introduction to activities during 2020

• Perspective of UPF from Dr Michael Balcomb - chair of FFWPU Europe & Middle East-chair of UPF UK

• Keith Best Chair of the UPF Board of Trustees also to discuss IAPP Development - Baroness Verma to also comment

• Keith to present APPG concept of societal cohesion- Najma Begum to also comment

• Carole Stone CBE – a few words from UPF- Patron and her support for Women's Events

• IWD and EVAWG (supported by IAPP and Women's NGO's) comments by Chris Green OBE (tbc), Baroness Verma & Gill Barham-organisational support.

• ISCP - International Summit Council for Peace –Mark Brann –UPF Trustee

• Inter-Faith Activities Tim Miller –UPF trustee to present concept

o Nemi Swami, Peter Rookes –chair of Birmingham council of faiths

o Rubab Mehdi, Baldev Singh Bains –will give brief comments

• UPF Birmingham - Dr. David and Patricia Earle -2020

• UPF and Africa including Africa Day Activities - Dr Yehoeshahfaht Ben Israel and Nnamdi Chukwu MBPS

• Media activities IMAP - Rita Payne

• Brief Introduction to Young Achievers Projects - Dong Soon Chen & Dominic Hoyte to Introduce

o Laura Bloomer, Keldon Alleyne, Amina Acherkouk ,Annet Ogega and Sanjana Poddar

• Pakistan young girls education Fundraising – by Sheikh Dr Hojjat Ramzy –UPF Trustee

• UPF South London Branch Dr Lance Gardiner 2020 New models in lockdown

• Family and Parenting Support: Teuta Avdyli and Dr Nicola Bailey –UPF Trustee

• IAED - Business and Philanthropy - Terry Sweeney and Abdul Bassit

• Ambassador for Peace Awards

*UPF Acronyms:

IAPP International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

IAPD Interreligious Association for Peace and Development - Tim Miller

IAAP International Association of Academicians for Peace

IMAP International Media Association for Peace

IAED International Association for Economic Development - Terry Sweeney is the UK Representative.

ISCP International Summit Council for Peace - Mark Brann: UPF UK will be supporting this outreach but not directly involved in organising activities.

Twitter: @ukUPF

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


UPF is an NGO in General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Universal Peace Federation UK is a Charity: Number 1185412

You are welcome to donate to these activities using this link