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Young Achievers Engaging with Parliamentarians
Thursday 05 November 2020
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UK young achieversYoung Achievers Engage with Parliamentarians During Parliament Week to Promote Political Dialogue and Understanding 

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Universal Peace Federation UK Parliament Week Event

Carole Stone CBE – Patron of UPF

Keith Best, Chair of Trustees for UPF – former parliamentarian

Baroness Sandip Verma – House of Lords

Afzal Khan MP CBE 

Baroness Janet Royall –House of Lords

Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE House of Lords (tbc)

Baroness Meral Ece – House of Lords 

Paul Scully MP (tbc)

Rehman Chishti MP (invited)

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) UK invites you to attend a Parliament Week Zoom event on Thursday the 5th of November at 6.00pm

We are currently living in a very distressing time. There is definitely uncertainty regarding everyone’s health and well-being. The uncertainty around jobs, the economy and social life is particularly pertinent for young people. Understandably, much of the focus is on the immediate situation and the near future, but with the situation rapidly changing from day to day and week to week, it can be difficult to keep up and comprehend it all. In times of uncertainty such as this, people depend on the leadership of parliamentarians; especially the young, whom often lack the resources to lead themselves or make their voices heard. Therefore we need parliamentarians who can provide reassurance and show that they understand and care.

In recent years, Universal Peace Federation (UPF) has had success in organising events that bring parliamentarians and the youth of our society together to ask questions on topics that are particularly relevant to young adults.

UPF is a partner of Parliament Week that features events to promote engagement with the Parliamentary democratic process during the week November 2nd to 7th. It is an annual programme that UPF has been participating in and this year, we are organising an exciting online event for young adults to have an opportunity to have a swift Q & A session with Parliamentarians on theme COVID and the future of the young in our society.

The event will take place online via zoom where selected youth will ask their questions and each Parliamentarian will have a maximum of 2.5 min to reply. 

Possible questions include:

• Are young people being consulted before decisions are made regarding their studies at University?

• What advice would you give to first year students on how to have a social life and make friends at university?

• Do you consider pastoral care to be an essential service that can benefit young adults and students.

• Is any thought being given to increased support for front line health workers, in the event of another severe spike in hospital admissions?

• How can students be safe to go home for Christmas with their elderly family members? 

• Is it possible to improve testing so that students can be able to go home if they are tested negative?

• Why are young unemployed workers not temporarily replacing older vulnerable workers in the less skilled areas until all can be protected through vaccination?

• Why do we not have largely coursework to decide grades in GCSE, A-Level and University courses, during the time of the pandemic because exams are always going to be vulnerable to the extent of the virus at the time?

• Are there any models that predict when the crisis will end?

• How many freedoms must be sacrificed before everyone is “safe”?

• How can we balance the safety restrictions with safeguarding the mental health of the whole nation, particularly the youth?

We would like to cordially invite you to participate in responding to young people questions with as much positive reassurance as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

This programme will be on zoom but also live streamed on

Kind regards,

Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali

Margaret Keverian-Ali

Director, UPF - UK

Mobile: 07723024750

Robin Marsh 

Secretary General, UPF - UK

Mobile: 07956210768

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) – UK

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