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IAPD-Brazil Convenes Interfaith Webinar

Brazil-2021-06-29-UPF and IAPD Collaborate in Zoom Seminar for Religous Leaders

Brazil—UPF Secretary General forSouth America Dr. Simão Ferrabolli assisted in an online program for Brazilian Christian leaders on June 26–29, 2021. Also assisting were Boubacar Diallo, Pastor Wallisson Delano. and numerous pastors and missionaries. The 32 participants included Cathollic priests, Anglican priests, and pastors in the Assembly of God denomination.

Boubacar Diallo, president of the Brazil chapter of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) opened the seminar. Our biggest concern, he said, should be to deepen our relationship with God. “More than ever, we live in a time of great struggle, but also, at the same time, of great blessings. It remains for us to assume our responsibility for human history,” he concluded.

Dr. Ferabolli gave a lecture on the IAPD. “I felt the presence of God very much,’ he said. “Each one of us here are the leaders of God, like the salt of the Earth and the light of the world, so we need to take care ourselves all the time. Perfection is our desiny.  . . . It is our responsibility to establish God’s kingdom here on Earth. I am immensely grateful to each of you. I wish you great blessings.”

Dr Tanya Edwards, director of public affairs for the World Clergy Leadership Conference, through her speech demonstrated her gifts as a community leader. Rev. Levy Daugherty explored the deeper aspects of Universal Prime Energy and Giving and Receiving Action.

Pastor Selma Tristão from São Paulo stressed the importance of religious leaders uniting with the world peace movement initiated by Reverend Moon and continued today by Mother Moon in this heartfelt work through the family for world peace.  Bishop André Carvalho expressed how gratifying it was to participate in the event and was surprised by many things he heard and learned.

Captain Ronald Borges declared that he wanted God to bless everyone in the event. Pastor Dilson of the Assembly of God, said, “It helped us clarify the scriptures, to better understand God's Word.” Pastor Gilson of São Paulo reported: "I feel honored to be part of this beautiful family.” Anglican Pastor José Caetano concluded, “It was an honor to be at this event. Goodness proclaimed many times can reach great proportions.”

Click here for the video links to the presentations of the workshop.

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