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International Media Association for Peace Is Launched in Brazil

Brazil-2020-10-24-International Media Association for Peace Is Launched in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—On October 24, 2020, UPF-Brazil held the inauguaral meeting of the Brazil branch of the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP), with the theme “The Role of Media in Times of Crisis: How the Media Can Spread Values of Social Transformation.”

The purpose of IMAP is to build media that are able to assume a role in spreading universal values that seek Peace, uniting people with the desire to promote peace in the media sphere. Held online through the Zoom and Youtube platform, the event was attended by 264 media representatives.

The event moderator was Walisson Delano, pastor representing UPF in the Federal District—Brazil.

The opening words were given by Rev. Dong Mo Shin (Regional President, UPF and Peace Road-South America; International Vice President, Peace Road Foundation). In his opening speech, he emphasized that ideological and economic issues divide the world, so there is a need to work together in a spirit of interdependence by the Ppeace community. With the advancement of the Internet, information reaches the most remote places on the planet; this is the key element for us to send our message of peace amid the current circumstances of the world.

The Panelists were the following:

Dr. Simão Ferabolli (Secretary General, UPF-South America) began his speech with thanks to the leaders and Ambassadors for Peace present and by emphasizing the great importance of IMAP for Brazil. He noted that this inauguration occurs on the date of the creation of the United Nations in the 1950s with the aim of bringing peace to the world. explained the emergence of IMAP after his decades of experience in the media, involving professionals in the field around the world in building peace by overcoming critical issues, including the current integrity of the media, the impact of innovative technology platforms, updating journalism for instant communication, freedom and responsibility of the press, in addition to questioning how the media can propagate values of social transformation.

Mrs. Vera Tabach (Journalist, President of the Brazilian Association of Electronic Media) shared her experience attending World Summit 2020 in South Korea, despite the imminent risks of the coronavirus. She realized that the focus of the 5,000 guests from more than 170 countries was to talk about peace and to reflect on a shift from an individualistic and consumerist focus, to taking on a search towards universal values. She stated that the advancement of technology must occur through simplicity, convenience and accessibility, which are the pillars of a disruptive innovation. She emphasized that the media's mission must go beyond issues of security, to development, mutual interdependence and professional values. She defended the need for responsible leadership and good governance to bring lasting peace to the world.

Dr. Sergio Redó (President, Associação Paulista de Imprensa) expressed that he felt honored to participate in this national media meeting in Brazil and the inauguration of the International Media Association for Peace. He told the participants, “Since news is the raw material of journalism, it is in our hands to transmit the truth of the facts, which must be revealed with seriousness, ethics and professionalism, taking the facts to the target audience with truth, without ideological bias.”

Mrs. Liliana Gonçalves (Director, Broadcasting, UPTV). She started his words by asking about “How can the media spread values in social transformation? In the face of the global crisis, the media had to recreate themselves, adapting to maintain their means of communication. This strengthened the use of online transmission platforms, resources and tools. In addition, we realized that today it is not necessary to be in physical contact to be present. Through social networks it is possible to interact with the public, bringing the media closer to people. But now we face the great invasion of ‘fake news,’ and it is up to us to inform and declare the truth of the facts.”

Mr. Alexandre Abdo (TV Newscaster) started his speech by quoting the phrase of UPF’s founders: “Building a new world of peace.” He continued, “We in the media have a toolbox, and we can take countless ideas, different ways to reach each person in the world. The construction of a world of peace without a doubt is our goal. Since we are opinion makers, we have to take the idea that truth and peace build and move the world. We have to use all our tools to fulfill that ideal.”

Ms. Eliza Ferreira (Public Relations, UPF-Brazil) thanked everyone for their presence. She declared the importance of the inauguration of IMAP-Brazil, which will help people unite cultures and communications in search of the common purpose of peace, bringinng great hope for a new world.

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