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UPF-Peru Inaugurates International Association of Academicians for Peace

Peru-2020-10-15-UPF-Peru Inaugurates International Association of Academicians for Peace

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Lima, Peru—On October 15, 2020, UPF-Peru organized the inaugural assembly of the Peru branch of the International Association of Academicians for Peace (IAAP). The Zoom meeting was attended by 100 guests, and another 300 people watched the proceedings through a Facebook Live transmission. To watch the full webinar in Spanish, click here.

Dr. Trevor Jones (President, UPF-Peru) gave the opening remarks. The IAAP inauguration ceremony was held during the World Summit 2020. Despite the limitations generated by COVID-19, in recent months UPF has successfully held online events with a large audience worldwide, such as the two editions of the Rally of Hope and the International Leadership Conference 2020. Dr. Jones said that, based on the members of the academic community present at this program, he felt that we will soon have an active Association of Academicians of Peru that can show the way to build a well-educated and informed society that is able to bring hope and inspiration to everyone.

The program had the special participation of Dr. Dong Mo Shin (President, UPF South America) and Dr. Simón Ferabolli (Secretary General, UPF South America) as guests of honor.

Mrs. Melissa Sandoval (Press Officer, UPF-Peru) and Mr. Jaime Fernandez (Secretary General, UPF-Peru) coordinated the inaugural assembly and introduced the speakers.

Dr. Dong Mo Shin spoke first. He explained that the IAAP was formed on the basis of the previous work of institutions associated with UPF that were established by the Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, including the International Conference on the Unity of Sciences (ICUS ) that has been active since the 1970s. The UPF founders have great respect for academicians as the backbone for creating the ideal world. They believe that all academicians can be engaged in peacebuilding, but unfortunately the walls of separation between fields and disciplines has made knowledge fragmented. Because of this, we now need to work together in the spirit of interdependence to create a community of peace. We believe that interdependence is a basic fact of life.

Dr. Christian Contreras Otiniano (Guest Professor, Agrarian La Molina National University) gave his impressions of the inauguration of the IAAP at World Summit 2020. The IAAP inauguration addressed the following topics: "A Vision for the Unity of the Sciences," "A Vision for World Peace," "The Role of the University in World Peace" and "God as the Parent of Humankind." The event took place within the framework of celebrations to honor the legacy of UPF Founders Reverend Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, whose since the 1970s have been holding a series of initiatives to establish the foundation of a God-centered academic culture. Dr. Contreras congratulated UPF's initiative to establish an interdisciplinary space where natural and social sciences, religion and culture converge, based on the ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.

Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Rodríguez (President, National Association for the Development of Intelligence, Creativity and Talent) spoke next. According to Dr. Rodríguez, family, school and peers have a central role in a child's learning and development, especially with gifted children. Family is "the natural school of love," and at school, teachers perform a fundamental role in detection, care and teaching for students with different abilities. "Academicians and especially teachers have the moral obligation of social change, radiating peace and love of God and love for one’s neighbour to children."

Dr. Menigno Hidalgo Matos (President, National Coordinator for the Transformation of Peruvian Education) continued with his speech "The Role of Academicians in This Time." Dr. Hidalgo gave a detailed presentation about the contribution of the academy and education to the intellectual, technological and moral development of humankind from antiquity to nowadays. In this regard, he pointed out the importance of organizations such as UNESCO and UPF in promoting universal education for peace. Education at this time must include four fundamental areas: axiological, cognitive, scientific-technological and citizenship. With this foundation, professionals will be able to respond to the challenges and needs of humankind.

Dr. María Dolores Martínez Zavala (Professor, César Vallejo University) spoke about "Creativity and Innovation in Times of Pandemic." The spread of Covid-19 has posed great economic, technological and sustainability challenges for all nations worldwide. The current scenario has forced nations, economies and industries around the world to reconsider their strategies to ensure their continuity. Therefore, education in educational centers should encourage creative thinking and innovation in professionals, allowing the development of initiatives to improve the quality of societal life and the environment, building a sustainable future.

Subsequently, Mr. Jaime Fernández read the inaugural resolution of the IAAP.

Then Dr. Simón Ferabolli gave congratulatory remarks. During World Summit 2020, IAAP was inaugurated with the aim of bringing together academicians from around the world to discuss various academic methods to promote human happiness and a world of peace. In this meeting, the Congress of Presidents from World Universities was held, which proposed the role of the university in the next 100 years: "Universities and academicians have to be more than conductors of knowledge, they have to build character, personality, enrich human being as a whole." Subsequently, at the International Leadership Conference 2020, the IAAP sessions brought together leading panelists worldwide to promote needed changes and initiatives across the globe. Dr. Ferabolli quoted the words of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, “Mother of Peace”: “The only way for humanity to have a future is by looking at God.” He concluded by saying, “We are spiritual eternal beings living a temporary experience on earth in order to develop the capacity to love. Without God with us, we won’t be able to change this world and to implant in this world peace, harmony, development and all the things necessary for the happiness and harmony of all human beings.”

As part of the program, 15 new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, and 18 current Ambassadors for Peace and media representatives received recognition for their valuable support in broadcasting the Rally of Hope.

The meeting finished with closing remarks by Dr. Trevor Jones (President, UPF-Peru), who thanked the speakers for their excellent contributions and recommended that they meet again soon to continue the work of this important association. He also reminded those present of the contribution that we can all make to building a better society by “living for the sake of others,” and he applauded the Ambassadors for Peace in Peru who are continually working to help the poor and less fortunate members of our community.

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