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International Media Association for Peace Inaugurated in Peru

Peru-2020-09-02-International Media Association for Peace Inaugurated in Peru

Lima, Peru—On September 2, 2020, UPF-Peru organized the Inaugural Assembly of the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP)-Peru. The online conference had more than 170 attendees. To see a video of the conference, click here.

Dr. Trevor Jones (President, UPF-Peru) gave the opening remarks. During the World Summit 2020, held in February in Seoul, Korea, some UPF associations were launched. Despite the limitations generated by COVID-19, UPF headquarters around the world are inaugurating the national branches of the new associations, such as inaugural assembly of September 2. Dr .Trevor Jones affirmed that, based on the members of the media who attended the assembly, a Peruvian media association may be formed soon to show the way to build a freer and more honest press, respected by all.

As part of the program, six Ambassadors for Peace and media representatives were recognized for their valuable support in broadcasting the Rally of Hope. The assembly had the special participation of Dr. Dong Mo Shin, President of the Universal Peace Federation of South America, and Mr. Miguel Werner, coordinator of the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP) of South America as guests of honor. Mr. Jaime Fernandez (Secretary General, UPF-Peru) led the inaugural assembly and introduced the speakers.

Dr. Dong Mo Shin (President, UPF South America) spoke first. IMAP was formed on the basis of the World Media Association (1978), the Washington Times (1982) and other associated institutions of the UPF that were established by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr Hak Ja Han Moon. In the first of a series of conferences for the media, Dr. Moon said, “More that even before, the pen is mightier than the sword. I have always believed that the media must be free and must be self-governing. A self-governing media must also be a moral media. A moral media must use their freedom to project, preserve and promote God-given human rights and dignity (...) A moral media must lead the fight against drug abuse, pornography and many other destructive vices of society. Thus, the media must become the conscience of society."

Dr. Ángel Sánchez Dueñas (President, Federation of Journalists of Peru) spoke about "The Ethics of the Journalist and Social Communicator." Dr. Dueñas considers that press freedom and freedom of expression are the main pillars that support democracy; journalists and social communicators have the responsibility to preserve it. It is necessary to establish a freedom of conscience that allows journalists and social communicators to assume the responsibility of conveying objective information, certifying the veracity of the information, safeguarding professional secrecy, and not using journalistic material without permission or receiving benefits for broadcasting biased information. Peru needs to establish a common code of ethics to regularize the work of professionals in the media.

Mr. Walter Echevarría Montesinos (Director of the magazine Visión Actual) spoke about “The role of the media: the challenges of our time.” Journalists, social communicators and the media have a key role in this period of pandemic, transmitting information truthfully and ethically to the entire population through the available media, allowing people to visualize the reality and needs of the different sectors of society. The current challenge of the media is to communicate truthful information, use different kinds of media to transmit information and preserve the source of employment for journalists and social communicators.

Ms. María Elena Rivero Laverde (President, Peruvian Broadcasters Association; Director, “Radio Moderna”) continued with her remarks about "The Broadcaster and the Information." The broadcaster allows to lead, host, act and transmit advertisements. However, when a broadcaster gives his opinion, it causes problems in the audience. One of the main points in Peru is the professionalization of the speaker, so that all speakers are responsible for what they report. The broadcasters’ association of Peru signed an agreement with the broadcasters’ association of Mexico in order to increase professionalization. The speaker emphasized her unconditional support for UPF and IMAP.

Dr. Ricardo Sanchez-Serra (Vice President, Federation of Journalists of Peru; Editor in Chief of the magazine Embajador) gave his impressions of the inauguration of IMAP at the World Summit 2020. The inauguration of IMAP was attended by more than 500 journalists from all over the world with an outstanding panel of guests. Journalists have a key role in guarding against totalitarianism, he said, and from their scope, to guarantee freedom and peace, as well as preserve human rights and social equity. IMAP aims to create a worldwide professional network of journalists and seeks to restore the credibility of journalism, ensuring impartiality and practicing respect for the dignity of the audience. Dr Sanchez-Serra congratulated Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and her late husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, for their work to create organizations and seminars that promote universal values, the reunification of the Korean Peninsula, world peace and the reunion of humanity.

Subsequently, the inaugural Resolution of the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP) was read by the secretary general of UPF-Peru, Mr. Jaime Fernández.

Then, Mr. Miguel Werner, gave congratulatory remarks. Argentina and Peru share fraternal ties in their 200-year history. The values of brotherhood, promoted by patriots who dreamed of the unity of the people of America, need to be reaffirmed in these days. Integration between nations will not be achieved through political agreements, but by strengthening ties through culture and shared values. UPF’s founders, considering the strong influence of the media, promoted international conferences and summits for journalists for decades and founded media such as the newspaper Tiempos del Mundo in Latin America, in order to contribute to the dream of the patriots of a united America. Journalists and the media must remember their social role, providing truthful information, reinforcing their commitment to the community, giving a message of hope during these difficult times.

The meeting finished with the closing remarks by Dr. Trevor Jones.

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