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Parliamentarians Association Launched in Paraguay

Asunción, Paraguay—The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was inaugurated in Paraguay at an event held at the Bourbon Convention Hotel in Asunción, the country’s capital, on April 25, 2017.

One-hundred and twenty-two leaders participated in the event, including current and former parliamentarians, as well as representatives of the executive and judicial branches of the Paraguayan government, Paraguay’s diplomatic corps and of the diplomatic corps of other countries, universities, media, and various foundations.

Also in attendance were the mayors of different cities in the Central department (similar to a county) in the Greater Asunción metropolitan area, including the cities of Alonzo, Fernando de la Mora, Lambaré, Luque, Limpio, Ñemby, Mariano Roque and San Lorenzo.

On this occasion, the president, vice president and secretary general of the IAPP-Paraguay were appointed. Paraguayan congressman Hon. Héctor Lucio Lesme was appointed as the vice president; and Dr. Michelle Byun was appointed as the secretary general.

Former president of Paraguay, Dr. Luis Federico Franco Gómez, gave the closing remarks for the program. He thanked UPF’s founders, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, for their long service and dedication to peace and encouraged the parliamentarians in attendance to dedicate themselves with love to protecting the environment, to protecting indigenous peoples, and to ensuring the human rights of all.

The event was covered by the Paraguayan newspaper, ABC Color. The two articles (in Spanish) “Tarragó presidió ayer la Red de Parlamentarios” and “Asociación parlamentaria busca la paz y desarrollo” were published on April 26 and 27, respectively.  


Closing remarks by Dr. Luis Federico Franco Gómez, former president of Paraguay:

“I want to first of all thank the founders of the Universal Peace Federation, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, for their long service and dedication to peace, and I encourage our parliamentarians to dedicate themselves with love [to protecting the] environment, to protecting indigenous peoples and to ensuring the human rights [of all]. They cannot disappoint the confidence that people have placed in [them]….They are obliged to maintain loyalty and fidelity to those people who expect much from [them].

Finally, I want to tell Dr. Yang, that Paraguay and Korea are two sister nations, and that Paraguay always opens its doors to the noble Korean people.”


Remarks by Hon. Héctor Lucio Lesme, member of the Congress of Paraguay:

“It is an immense honor for me to share this important moment in the history of Paraguay, to be founding the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in our country.

Although we have made technological progress, we have problems cooperating with each other. This should not be the case; there must be dialogue, understanding and solidarity in a Christian and multi-party democracy.

The IAPP will become a ‘legal tool’ for the welfare of humanity and, as we inaugurate this organization, we must move forward with strong steps to advocate for world peace.”


Parliamentarians who participated:

  1. Mazacote José Domingo  Adorno                 
  2. Alvarenga Martínez Eusebio                   
  3. Buzarquis Cáceres Enrique Antonio                                   
  4. Carísimo Sosa María  Nimia                                   
  5. Cáceres Gonzales Mario Duillo               
  6. Decclesis Giménez Freddy Tadeo                                         
  7. Durand Espínola Dany Edgar Xavier      
  8. Ferreira de López Olga Beatriz                                               
  9. Harms Céspedes Walter Enrique            
  10. Larre Del Puerto Luis Alberto                  
  11. Lesme Delgado Héctor Lucio                                   
  12. Lezcano Paredes Marcial                          
  13. Medina de Paredes Del Pilar Eva            
  14. Morel Alfonzo Purificación                                                    
  15. Oviedo Melgarejo Fabiola  Elvira                                         
  16. Rojas Sosa Sergio                                                                    
  17. Villalba López María Cristina                   
  18. Denis Pintos Juan Antonio                                                            
  19. Acosta Alcaraz Edgar                                                  
  20. Emilia Alfaro de Franco                                             

Ambassadors and representatives of embassies in Paraguay who participated:

  1. Dr. Federico Perazza, Ambassador of Paraguay
  2. Dr. Víctor Cuevas, Ambassador of Paraguay to México
  3. Dr. Federico González Franco, Ambassador of Paraguay to Argentina
  4. Representative of the Embassy of Spain in Paraguay
  5. Representative of the Embassy of Peru in Paraguay

Former president of Paraguay, Dr. Federico Franco Gómez, and the governor of the Central department in Paraguay, Dr. Blas Antonio Lanzoni, were also present.

Representatives of local municipalities who participated:

  1. Mr. Lucas Lanzoni, representing the city of Ñemby
  2. Mr. Raul Mendoza, representing the the city of San Antonio
  3. Mrs. Carolina Aranda, representing the city of Mariano Roque Alonzo
  4. Mr. Luis González, representing the city of Capiatá 
  5. Mr. Daniel Báez, representing the city of Julián Augusto Saldívar   


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