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Peace Summit 2023: IAYSP World Assembly

Seoul, South Korea—The IAYSP World Assembly was held on May 8, 2023, at the conclusion of the World Peace Summit, the 80th Birthday Celebration for True Mother, and the Dedication Ceremony of the Cheon Won Gung. The theme of this World Assembly was to convey encouragement, recognition, and great appreciation for all of the sincere efforts and hard work of the members of IAYSP in support of the week-long activities in Korea. Video tributes were given from True Mother to all members, thanking them for pouring out their heart and efforts. She encouraged IAYSP, saying, “You are the central people to support the Providence of Heaven. You are the precious treasures of Cheon Il Guk, spreading the Will of Heaven on behalf of True Parents.”

Reports and congratulatory remarks by leaders of IAYSP:

From the International President, Mr. Matsuda Koji:

Mr. Koji was very moved and impressed by the spirit, sacrifice and hard work of the members throughout the eight days of events. He mentioned that IAYSP has a mission to nurture and develop future leaders. He shared the story of a young YSP leader in Peru who accepted his appointment but had no members or support. Through his consistent prayer and determination, he gradually won the hearts of young members and they brought results. This victory propelled him to begin working with the government. He believes this example proves that a new era is opening where YSP can be recognized and have influence.

From YSP Korea President Kim Dong Youn:

YSP Korea was under pressure to recruit 400 new members in April for training and staffing of the May events. He was so impressed with the great efforts and love demonstrated by the YSP members. They were managing large and small things; they faced difficulties but persevered until the last moments. Together with a thousand YSP members across the world they provided support and enthusiasm. He was very proud of everyone.

From the Secretary General of Asia Pacific, Jason Ibo:

Mr. Ibo reported on the Top Gun workshop held as a unity workshop between Asia 1 & 2 with the motto: “Let’s Come Home – Revival and Grace.” He was very grateful to YSP Busan for supporting this workshop. There were 51 Blessed Children and 63 1st generation in attendance. The theme focused on development of Emotion, Intellect and Will. They truly felt the heart to go to Korea, but due to visa problems, they could not come. They studied DP and participated in lecture practice with new understanding of how True Father invested his blood, sweat and tears into the revelation. Most important, he said, was what happens after the workshop, “What we can do and apply as we return to our countries.” His personal reflection was feeling the connection as a family and experiencing teamwork and joy in making True Parents happy.

From the President of YSP Japan:

He shared the difficult challenges Japan has faced since the Abe incident and the inability to send many people to the Assembly. He said he gained strength from knowing of the adversity that True Parents have endured all their lives. He praised the hard work and faithfulness of the YSP members. He told the story of one VIP who remarked to him, “Where did these young people come from?” He could see great hope in them and praised True Mother for the power of her education. He gave very encouraging remarks, concluding that he can see change happening as reflected in the renewed diplomacy between Japan and Korea after 12 years. “Let’s have new determination to go forward together for 2027!”

Testimony given by a new member:

This person only joined in March. She was a student of International Affairs and was not attracted to the movement. But she was moved by True Mother and heard a message from Heaven that she should help True Mother. Being involved with YSP at the events, she came to understand Heavenly Parent’s heart. She realized that as a daughter she has not fulfilled her responsibility and made a new resolution to support True Mother for the purpose of fulfilling Heaven’s dream and bringing world peace. She said our generation needs to be the center; we need to resemble True Mother and become the beacon for the future.

Then an inspired musical performance given by about 50 YSP members. They came with heart and the message that our future generations will sacrifice ourselves to realize Heavenly Parent’s Dream. “Our Promise is Your Promise: to realize the unity of North and South Korea. We are small but we will fight with a strong resolution as we share this moment together.”

Dr. Yun Young-ho, Director General of UPF International, gave concluding remarks:

He began by saying that it is often difficult to know the feelings and heart of others, but today he deeply feels the heart of YSP. He was very moved by the sacrifice and effort on all levels. He asked, “Why do we need to know the heart of True Mother? Because she is one with Heavenly Parent and through her we know God’s heart.” He spoke about when YSP was launched in 2017 and today here we are, becoming stronger. “What can be prepared for 2027? We need to share the visionary message and mission of True Mother to realize Heaven’s dream. We need a strategy. We need to become leaders who have deep feelings and wisdom. YSP should lead the way.” He also wants YSP to unite with UPF and all the affiliated organizations of the Movement to arm the future generations. “In 2027 I want to fill this venue with leaders from all over the world so that True Parents’ words can be known by all. You are the movers and shakers. Let’s do it together!”

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