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1st Rally of Hope - Millions Inspired on Internet and TV Viewers

Korea-2020-08-09-Rally of Hope Inspires Millions of Internet and TV Viewers with Its Novel Vision During a Novel Virus

Seoul, Korea—What would an ideal world look like? Imagine…

  • A peace movement conducted under the solidarity and cooperation of heads of state from nations around the world;
  • A global interreligious and interdenominational movement led by representatives of faith traditions working together in harmony to uplift the family;
  • A movement of media professionals worldwide that advocate ethical and moral values in society;
  • An interdisciplinary movement of scholars from all academic backgrounds acknowledging that a set of universal principles underlies all existence;
  • A movement of economists and entrepreneurs that promote interdependence and mutual prosperity while working for a more equitable distribution of wealth;
  • A movement of parliamentarians who write laws and advocate public policy for the common good and the future well-being of our environmental heritage;
  • A youth movement of patriotic young people who have learned the value of self-discipline and social integrity.

Imagine no more.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) recently concluded the Rally of Hope, the latest in a series of summits, real and virtual, held over the past two years. It brought thousands of world leaders together in search of a shared culture of “interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.” Five more world-level events are planned for this year.

This rally, however, was “Beyond Live.” It was a dazzling display of digital technology from the land of K‑pop, where a live internet audience of more than one million people from 194 nations were held spellbound for two-and-a-half hours on August 9, 2020. Another 90+ million people watched via as many as 70 live TV broadcasts and on various social media apps.

A special address was given by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, co-founder of UPF. She stood side-by-side with her late husband of 52 years, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, and together built a world peace movement unparalleled in the lifetime of any founder. Upon his passing in 2012, she continued their shared vision. It has now expanded into a global peace movement bringing new hope and vision to millions upon millions.

At the outset. she greeted all the dignitaries, whom she had met personally at national, regional or world summits over the last few years. She also welcomed the virtual guests, saying that she has waited for a long time to see everyone. “Human history,” Dr. Moon began, “has been a history of continuous struggle, which has caused both the suffering of human beings, as well as the suffering of God, our Creator and Loving Parent.”

The animal world lives automatically by the laws of creation, she explained, giving the example of the migrating monarch butterfly flying thousands of miles from Canada to Mexico. Human beings, however, fell at the beginning of human history and lost their relationship with God and His principles. Because of this, history has been a long and arduous path of restoration. 

In her unscripted remarks, Dr. Moon paid special attention to the importance of the institutions of marriage and family. She also mentioned that our limited life on Earth is preparation for an eternal life in the spiritual world. The way forward, she narrated, is to understand and live by God’s principles of creation while on earth.

Dr. Moon ended her address by acknowledging that the continued division of Korea is a major obstacle to peace. Known lovingly as Mother Moon, she called on the Korean audience to be models of filial children who attend God in their daily lives and work to realize His providence in their homeland and throughout the world.

The Sunday event hosted a set of stellar speakers from East and West, North and South. They spoke in unanimity on the importance of nations working collaboratively to overcome the aftermath of Covid-19, on the need for universal moral and spiritual values to be incorporated into our cultures, and for UPF to play a key role in moving these agendas forward.

H.E. Ban Ki Moon, the eighth secretary-general of the United Nations and chairman of the National Council of Climate and Air Quality, highlighted four areas of global concern: (1) tension between the United States and China, (2) the rise of protectionism, (3) the threat of climate change, and (4) a crisis in values, ethics and social capital. Although he said that we were in “a new Cold War in the Covid-19 era,” he also believed that UPF “will become a cornerstone to build lasting peace around the world.”

H.E. Hun Sen, prime minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, emphasized that “maintaining peace and security in the world is an indispensable foundation for development… and should be [given] the highest priority.” The socioeconomic recovery from Covid-19 cannot be solved at the national level, he said. “It requires deepening and broadening international cooperation in all fields.” He called any upcoming Covid-19 vaccine to be a “global public good.”

H.E. Brigi Rafini, prime minister of Niger since 2011, saw the Rally of Hope as transmitting messages of peace, along with a new moral, ethical and spiritual vision. He recognized that “living for others and for the public interest is the basis of development in an interdependent world.” Finally, he described interfaith dialogue and cooperation beyond race, ethnicity, religion or ideology as “universal values that everyone affirms.”

H.E. Macky Sall, president of the Republic of Senegal, began by honoring the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who would be 100 year old this year. In order for the “post-Covid-19 world to be a better place for all,” the Senegalese president said, we need “faith, confidence in science, and determination to act together… working in solidarity and human fraternity, as UPF has always done,” allowing us to “overcome our common vulnerabilities.”

Hon. Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, is an optimist. He appreciated that the Rally of Hope is an important positive step forward at a time when the world is very troubled. He recognized that seeking peace, understanding and working together were keys to a successful future. The speaker also noted that “what Mother Moon is doing, in carrying on her husband's work… is truly a historic mission.”

Rt. Hon. Date Chuichi, president of the House of Councilors, Japan (2016–2019), recognized that the “spirit of “interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values,” which is taught by Reverend Moon and Dr. Han, is desperately needed.” In closing and referring to Mother Moon, he said, “The world now needs someone who can be like a mother to all humanity who reconciles siblings.”

Pastor Paula White, spiritual advisor to President Donald J. Trump, began by pointing out that the family is the cornerstone of world peace. Then, woman to woman, she said, “Mother Moon, I respect and honor you for your perseverance, for being a forerunner nationally and globally, for dedicating your life to establishing international peace and goodwill and for being a true lover of humanity.” Rev. White ended with a prayer for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, prime minister of Canada (2006–2015), warned that the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be compared to the global financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. “This [crisis] is without precedent and we do not yet know the full outcomes.” He concluded by saying, “But if there is any organization capable of convening a truly global network of people committed to genuinely shared efforts, then it is this one, the Universal Peace Federation.”

H.E. Jimmy Morales, president of Guatemala (2016–2020), likened the current pandemic to smallpox in the second century CE and acknowledged Mother Moon’s efforts to “promote peace, family and integration of the world” during this grim time. Finally, he called for the reunification of Korea, which he saw as the beginning of peace in Northeast Asia and throughout the world.

H.E. Alfred Moisiu, President of the Republic of Albania (2002–2007) and current chairman of the Balkans chapter of the International Summit Council for Peace, appreciated the work of UPF and said, “It is a time for world leaders to reflect deeply and build together a world strategy how to move forward as a world family.” He also spoke of the Balkans Peninsula as the bridge between East and West.

Moving forward, these rallies will be conducted monthly throughout the remainder of this year bringing hope and inspiration to the world.

UPF/ISCP Rally of Hope on 9 August 2020 from UPF Europe and Middle East on Vimeo.

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