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Reflections on the ILC2021—Asia Pacific, April 29 – May 1, 2021

Asia Pacific-2021-05-01-ILC2021 Asia Pacific: Leaders in the Arts and Culture

Reflections on the ILC2021—Asia Pacific, April 29 – May 1, 2021

Session Two: ISCP

Thank you very much for such a high level conference. I am grateful to Mother Moon for her hard work and organizing such an event for peace.

It was a great honor for me to speak at the ISCP session. I am grateful to Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal and Dr. Thomas Walsh for the invitation. Each speaker spoke with dignity and expressed their views on the world.

As I said in my speech, we have had conflicts in Central Asia, but despite this, we now live in peace as fraternal peoples. Therefore, I wish great success to Korea and hope that all the ideas that were presented at the conference will be heard. Together, we will definitely bring peace to the Korean peninsula.

- Hon. Kurmanov Zainidin, 5th Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan

Session Three: IAPP

I express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the conference, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal and Dr. Chanwook Yoon, for the excellent, rich, fruitful and professional program; the friendly atmosphere; new contacts [that were made]; and the relevance of the topic.

I would like to sincerely thank the organizing committee for the tremendous work [they put into] and the excellent organization of the conference, the opportunity to participate in it and their responsiveness and understanding.

Thank you for hosting such an event, inviting wonderful speakers and creating a tradition of communication and discussion among the participants. It was very nice to meet you and listen to you.

The speeches covered a wide range of geographic and thematic areas, and there were speakers [from many different countries] at the conference, which is also of great importance.

The event was high level; very informative; and full of sessions, proposals and discussions. Once again,

I express my great gratitude [to UPF] for organizing an event of this level. It was clearly super.

I wish further success to the whole team. Thank you.

- Hon. Abdullaeva Sharbat, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (PDPU)

I found the [IAPP] session extremely interesting and motivating. The distinguished speakers voiced various opinions; for example, that unification should be achieved through peaceful means and not through the use of force. The peace process on the Korean peninsula depends in great part on its powerful neighbors: China, Russia, Japan and the United States. The [speakers] also [highlighted] the homogeneity of the two Koreas, [which share] the same language, culture and religion. German unification, Cambodia’s [transition from civil war to peace] and the context of the Sri Lankan conflict were among the many subjects that were shared by the respective speakers. Even though I'm not Korean, I'd love to see the Koreas reunite.

- Hon. Chhaya Sharma, Member of Constituent Assembly of Nepal

First of all, I am so honored to participate in this wonderful International Leadership Conference, I would like to thank the UPF founders Father and Mother Moon, and all the hardworking leaders. This conference opened the conversation among all parliamentarians of the reunification of the Korean people. I came to know that the reunification of the Korean nations will be another stage for world peace. It will not only end the separation of Korean people but at the same time unlock world peace. Therefore, after listening to all the honorable [speakers], I believe and hope that the reunification of Korea is important.

- Hon. Gita Rana, Member of Constituent Assembly of Nepal

Session Five: IAAP

Thanks to [how the conference was] organized, I could be close to world-class experts from a distant country, as well as heads of government, well-known politicians and scientists. It was a pleasure [to hear] some of the speeches, learn new trends in world politics and follow the well-known trends of cooperation between different nations [for advancing] peace and harmony. I thank the organizers and participants for their desire to create a new, stable and peaceful world.

- Dr. Sayfullo Safarov, Chairman of the National Association of Political Scientists of Tajikistan

Session Six: IAAP

We deeply support Mother Moon and UPF in its dedicated efforts for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.  I have attended many UPF programs [that have brought] together leading experts from a wide range of fields—government, academia, civil society, [religion], the media, business and the arts—to explore the prospects of improving relations between not only the two Koreas, but also among other stakeholder countries in the region.

I am sure the virtual International Leadership Conference 2021 (ILC2021) will prove to be the most decisive step. That day is not far when Korea will be a special Korea and we will not need to see a north or south.

Dr. Parmod Kumar, Professor of English, School of Humanities, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

Session Seven: IAPD

I am very grateful for the invitation. It was a great honor for me to speak at the IAPD session as a speaker. Yesterday's session was incredibly impressive.

Representatives of all religions were given time, openly expressed their religious views and appealed [everyone] for unity. I am grateful to all those who organized [the conference].

- Dr. Quat Ergaliuly, Doctor of Theological Sciences, Kazakhstan

War is the last resort to resolving conflicts. The reunification of the Korean peninsula will only be possible through peaceful dialogue. Unity in Korea will have a positive impact on the economy and [relations with] nearby countries. We can’t solve problems by our own means; rather, by working hand in hand can we achieve unity globally. People in the past like Father Moon and others laid a foundation for this process, so we must fight for unity. The real war is within us; that is, having peace within ourselves. Quoting Proverbs 16:32: “Better is a patient man than a warrior who conquers a city.”

- Pastor Samuel Moses Pattaguan, Soul Winners for Christ Fellowship, Philippines

[The conference was] great, wonderful and illuminating. All the speakers were very good. The ILC is interdisciplinary and multifaceted with love under one God [and is unifying the] world for peace. I just finished hosting my local radio program this afternoon and the community had a positive response to unifying love, care, the culture and arts and interreligious practice. Thank you very much.

- Rev. Mario C. Esteban, United Methodist Church, Philippines

Session Eight: IAED

The ILC webinar gave me a good feel for the work of UPF and IAED, and I am looking forward to more detailed discussions. I will be interested to discuss the many international challenges we are seeing and to finding the person from our organization, Institute for Economics and Peace, who would be the right fit for your expert panel.

- Mr. Stephen Killelea AM, Founder and Executive Chairman, Institute for Economics and Peace, Australia

Speaking at an event of this scale is a good opportunity to hear the opinions and appeals of various speakers about the situation in the world and Korea. Most importantly, the theme of building peace was a [connecting] thread in all the speeches.

It was also an honor for me to speak and deliver the call for building peace at all –levels—local, national, regional and global.

Reason and will are the defining prerequisites in everyone's decision to build and maintain peace.

It is gratifying that all the speakers understand the importance of peace and good neighborliness for the preservation of our planet and the continuation of life on it. This already unites people and countries!

- Mrs. Nasiba Mirpochoeva, Businesswoman, Social Entrepreneur, Tajikistan

Session Nine: IAACP

[The ILC] was a very relevant conference. The topic of peace is of concern to all mankind, including how to achieve unity; tranquility; and tolerance of people, not only of one nationality, but also of different faiths, nationalities, generations, professions, social status, classes.

The planet Earth is our common home. We live on it and protect it with all the strength of knowledge and love it as a baby loves his mother. It is the source of everything. Diplomacy should be at the highest level, taking into account everything and everyone.

Every word, gesture and facial expression has meaning. Without true love, without respect for traditions, history, true facts, the subtleties of etiquette, you cannot do [more] here. Sometimes the word is superfluous—you can offend, hurt the depths of the soul; only music can convey the love, desire for peace and prosperity that it carries.

Humanity must unite all its forces and knowledge to achieve peace; people of all faiths and professions must unite, then everyone will contribute to the cause of peace. Thank you very much.

- Mrs. Bekbolatva Akaltyn, Honorary Educator, Almaty Conservatoria, Kazakhstan

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