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UPF-Bolivia's International Leadership Conference and Peace Road

Bolivia-2022-09-02-International Leadership Conference and Peace Road

Oruro, Bolivia—An International Leadership Conference was held on September 2, 2022 at the Eden Hotel in the city of Oruro, Bolivia with 126 participants. Among the many dignitaries in attendance were: Madain Ibone Paco, president of the Parliamentary Brigade of Oruro, National Deputy; Mery Rosalía Choque, National Senator; Juana Amanda Iriarte, National Deputy; Nilda Fernández, president of the Human Development and Social Policy Commission of the Autonomous Municipal Government of Oruro; Carla Álvarez, departmental secretary of the Human Development Commission of the Departmental Autonomous Government of Oruro; and Jesús Cruz Paco, Municipal Councillor.

There were delegations from the following: the municipal governments of Choro, Challapata Eucaliptos, and Machacamarca; the Higher Teacher Training School of the department of Oruro; the Technical University of Oruro, public university of the department of Oruro; the Second Division of the Oruro Army; and the national police of the Department of Oruro. Also in attendance were representatives of various religions, civil society, NGOs, public and private institutions, the education sector and sports, among others.

Welcoming remarks were given by the secretary general of UPF-Bolivia, Nely Almanza, and greetings were given by the National Senator for Oruro, Mery Rosalia Choque. The keynote address was presented by Rev. Shin Dong Mo, chairman, UPF-South America, who due to circumstances of the pandemic sent it by video.

Participating in the Interreligious Ceremony for Peace were Pastor Tomas Barreto of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Bolivia, Pastor Tito Bernabe of the Reformed Church of God, Sr. Cinthia Soto from Missionaries Crusades of the Catholic Church, and Pastor Franz Quispe from the Holy Community of Janul Pumo Nim.

The International Leadership Conference covered the following areas:

  1. Contemporary Challenges to the Global Order: The Search for Peace: Principles for Peace, led by Dr. Neudir Simao Ferabolli, secretary general, UPF South America
  2. Leadership, Security and Sustainable Development, led by Dr. Ferabolli
  3. Character Education, Family and Sustainable Development Goals, led by Nely Almanza, secretary general, UPF-Bolivia
  4. Ambassadors for Peace: Co-Existence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values, led by David Pereyra Aguilar, Cheonbo Lecturer, Latin America.

At the close of the Conference, the following were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace: Madain Ibone Paco, National Deputy; Mery Rosalía Choque, National Senator; Nilda Fernández, Councilor; Cristóbal Bustos, cycling activist; Juan Luis Soliz, social activist; and Luis Eduardo Zabaleta Ramírez, social psychologist and human rights activist.

The Universal Peace Federation-Bolivia received a certificate of recognition from the Municipal Council of the Autonomous Municipal Government of Oruro, for its work toward constructing a world of peace. A certificate of recognition was also presented by Nilda Fernández, Municipal Councilor, to Dr. Ferabolli.


Peace Road 2022-Bolivia was held on September 4, 2022. The approximately 700 participants included cyclists, people on foot, a delegation from the national police, firefighters, volunteers, and different cycling clubs from the Department of Oruro. Initially a caravan was formed, headed by the president of the Municipal Council of the Autonomous Municipal Government of Oruro, Freddy Mamani, which included municipal councilors and the departmental commander of the Oruro Police. They toured the main streets of the department, after which the Peace Road Cycling Race began, Way of Peace 2022, covering a 20-kilometer route, with different categories of participants. At the end of the race awards were presented to the winners in the different categories by the representatives of UPF and the departmental government of Oruro.

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