Tea Ceremony for Diplomats in Washington, DC

May 27, 2010

Washington, DC, USA - The Japanese Tea Ceremony, Cha Do or “The Way of Tea,” was exhibited to diplomats at the UPF Peace Embassy during both lunch and dinner on May 27.


Africa Day Commemorated in Washington, DC

May 23, 2010

Washington, DC, USA - Speakers at the Africa Day program in Washington, DC included Ambassadors from African countries to the US and Americans who have traveled to Africa on peace missions.


The Meaning of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

November 3, 2009

Washington DC, United States - The "Way of Tea" encourages people to reach the highest ideasl of internal character and is meant to also be a guide in human affairs.


Liberian Ambassador to US Hosts Day of Peace Gathering

September 23, 2009

Washington, DC, USA - “Be at home!” was H.E. Ambassador Nathaniel Barnes’ greeting as each guest entered the ambassadorial residence as the sun set on September 23. With his wife, Dawn Barnes, at his side, Ambassador Barnes proceeded to host this special gathering of peacemakers and friends of Liberia, commemorating the UN International Day of Peace.


Sri Lanka Ambassador Hosts Peace Forum in Washington, DC

August 15, 2009

Washington DC, United States - A gathering of peacemakers explored the theme, “A New Vision for Peace in the 21st Century,” held at the residence of the Ambassador of Sri Lanka on July 30 in Washington DC. Speakers presented the core principles and practices that can facilitate movement toward a world in which people of every race, culture, and religion can live together in peace.


Day of Families Celebration in Washington DC Hosted by the Bahrain Embassy

May 15, 2009

Washington, DC, USA - Combine the warm and cozy feeling of a family reunion and the cultural splendor of the beautifully exotic nation of the Kingdom of Bahrain and you will arrive at the unique experience had by all who attended the International Day of Families Celebration, Friday, May 15 at the Bahrain Embassy in Washington, DC.


Women's Day in Washington, DC, Promotes a Culture of Peace

March 12, 2009

Washington, DC, USA - "Women as Peacemakers - Building a Culture of Peace" was the vision of the 5th Annual International Women's Day commemoration on Capitol Hill, March 12. The banquet room overflowed with a diverse assembly of women and men, many colorfully garbed in their country's traditional dress, all with the hope of learning about and contributing to the work of global peace building.


Washington DC Forum Highlights Progress of Women in Morocco

October 29, 2008

Washington, DC - On a blustery autumn afternoon in Washington, DC, the Women for Peace Forum brought together over 40 women leaders to discuss “Women’s Leadership in Building a Culture of Peace.” The Deputy Chief of Mission from the Embassy of Morocco explained recent changes in Moroccan law that empower women and support women's equality.


A Japanese Tea Ceremony in Washington, DC

October 23, 2008

Washington, DC - The 14th Japanese Tea Ceremony was held at the Verizon building in downtown Washington, DC, on October 23, 2008.


Explanation of the Way of Tea

March 31, 2008

The “Way of Tea” encourages us to reach the highest ideals of internal character and is meant to also be a guide in human affairs. What we learn in the Way of Tea is how to respect others, live in harmony and peace, and obtain a tranquility of heart. It also teaches beautiful societal manners and the etiquette of serving others.