Day of Peace Observed in Netherlands

September 22, 2013

UPF-Netherlands organized International Day of Peace 2013 events in Nijmegen and The Hague.


In Amsterdam, Demonstrating that Friendships Between Religions Are Possible

July 31, 2013

Amsterdam, Netherlands - On the UN International Day of Friendship, July 30, 2013, Drs. Ari van Buuren, Chairman of United Religions Initiative-Netherlands, spoke on “My Interfaith Experiences and the Fight of Jacob with the Angel.”


Global Day of Parents Observed in Netherlands

June 2, 2013

Amsterdam, Netherlands - UPF-Netherlands supported and celebrated the UN Global Day of Parents together with the affiliated Amsterdam Family Federation for World Peace and Unification on June 2.


Day of Families Observed in the Netherlands

May 11, 2013

The Hague, Netherlands - UPF organized an observance of the International Day of Families in The Hague on May 11.


Seiko Hatano Lee Gives Concert in the Netherlands

April 11, 2013

Bergen aan Zee, Netherlands - The Japanese singer Seiko Hatano Lee gave a “Spring Concert” in Huize Glory, North Holland on April 11. It was the last concert of her 2013 visit to Europe, which had been mainly in Germany and Austria; this concert was arranged at very short notice.


W. van Eekelen: Address to World Summit 2013

February 24, 2013

Commentary on the State of the European Union


Day of Families Observed at a Forum in The Hague

May 19, 2012

The Hague, Netherlands - UPF-Netherlands organized a commemoration of the UN International Day of Families on May 19 at Christus Triomfatorkerk in The Hague. Musicians Carlos Figueroa and Giancarlo Dragonetti performed.


May Day Celebrated in Amsterdam

May 3, 2012

Amsterdam, Netherlands - An evening of stories, songs, poems, and food on May 3 enlivened the celebration of May Day, the ancient spring festival of the northern hemisphere; the Purification Azalea Festival of Cheongpyeong, Korea; and Netherlands' national days of honoring the dead and celebrating the liberation from Nazi Germany.


Interfaith Harmony Week Commemorated in Amsterdam

February 9, 2012

Amsterdam, Netherlands - UPF-Netherlands organized an interfaith dinner on February 9 in commemoration of World Interfaith Harmony Week.


Day of Peace Observed in Amsterdam and The Hague

September 22, 2011

Amsterdam and The Hague, Netherlands - UPF-Netherlands organized International Day of Peace commemorations on September 21 in the Dialogue Center in Amsterdam and on September 22 at Christus Triumfator Church in The Hague.


In Memory of Ahmad Shah Massoud

September 9, 2011

Universal Peace Federation-Netherlands joins with our Afghanistani friends in mourning the passing their national hero and "Amer Sahib e Shaheed" (Martyred Commander), Ahmad Shah Massoud, tragically assassinated on September 9, 2001, just one week after his 48th birthday. How different his country might be, probably with genuine democracy and inter ethic cooperation, were he alive today!


Rob Schrama Reports on the 'Jerusalem Hug'

August 4, 2011

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Ambassador for Peace Rob Schrama spoke at a UPF gathering on August 4 about the origins and his motivation for creating the Jerusalem Hug,in which people hold hands around the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, singing and praying for peace and respect for all humankind.


Day of Families Observed in The Hague

May 15, 2011

The Hague and Amsterdam, Netherlands - UPF-Netherlands organized two commemorations of the International Day of Families in The Hague: on May 14 at the Hobbel YMCA club house and on May 15 at the Sewa Dhaam Hindu Center. An additional observance took place in Amsterdam on May 15.


Amrullah Saleh appointed Ambassador for Peace

April 16, 2011

Houten, Netherlands - At an April 16 meeting in Houten of Afghanistanis living in the Netherlands, Amrullah Saleh, former Head of Afghanistan's National Security Directorate, discussed the situation in their homeland. UPF-Netherlands Secretary General Wim Koetsier complimented Mr. Saleh on his work for peace in his homeland, and presented him with a UPF Ambassador for Peace certificate.


Magnificent Opening to the First World Foresight Forum

April 13, 2011

The Hague, The Netherlands - There was a magnificent opening to the three-day first World Foresight Forum in the Kloosterkerk in The Hague.


UPF Ambassadors for Peace Laud Muslim-Christian Cooperation in Egypt

February 22, 2011

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Muslim Ambassadors for Peace at a Feb. 22, 2011 meeting  in the Netherlands reported about being inspired by reports of Christians in Cairo protecting Muslims when they were at prayer in Tahrir Square.


European Conference Considers Issues of Ireland and Middle East

December 13, 2010

Bergen aan Zee, Netherlands - "States operate not under ethical considerations, but by what they feel benefits their own situation," asserted a former Dutch prime minister at a European Leadership Conference in the Netherlands Dec. 10-12, 2010.


Week of Peace in the Netherlands

September 21, 2010

Utrecht, Netherlands - During the week leading up to September 21, UPF-Netherlands hosted a conference on development aid and supported projects of Ambassadors for Peace.


Ahmad Shah Massoud Commemoration in Netherlands

September 19, 2010

Nagele, Netherlands - After being ravaged by the Soviet Union for ten years until 1989, and then by the Taliban for four years until they were ousted by the Northern Alliance with US help, Afghanistan is in danger of descending into government by barbarism for a third time. This was the stark message Amrullah Saleh, former head of Afghanistan's Intelligence Service, delivered from Kabul by phone to those gathered at the ninth Commemoration of Ahmad Shah Massoud on September 19 in the Netherlands.


Utrecht Conference on Development Aid

September 19, 2010

Utrecht, Netherlands - Character development and community partnerships should be key factors in development aid, according to a Ghanaian NGO leader addressing a UPF-Netherlands conference on September 19 in Utrecht. A professor at the Maastricht School of Management cited statistics about aid and concerns of donor nations.