Proposta per un Consiglio Interreligioso alle Nazioni Unite

November 19, 2010

Il fondatore della Federazione per la Pace Universale, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, parla delle Nazioni Unite come di un’organizzazione che incorpora l’aspirazione dell’umanità per la pace. La sua importanza supera quella delle istituzioni religiose, dei governi nazionali, o anche altre organizzazioni internazionali. Lui specialmente sottolinea il potenziale delle Nazioni Unite per la liberazione dalla povertà delle nazioni sottosviluppate ed incoraggia lo sviluppo delle nuove nazioni democratiche. Crede, inoltre, che ci sia bisogno dell’elemento religioso e spirituale come forza trainante e direttrice per le riforme umanitarie, così come la mente funziona in armonia con il corpo.


Week of Peace in Italy

September 21, 2010

Monza, Italy - UPF-Italy organized activities for a "Week of Peace" in honor of the UN International Day of Peace September 21-28 with activities in Monza, Milan, and Bergamo.


Two UPF Medical Clinics to Open in Italy

September 11, 2010

Anzio and Aprilia, Italy - Two UPF medical clinics will open in Italy to serve immigrants and low-income Italians: a smaller one in Aprilia and a bigger one in Anzio.


Consultation in Rome on a Proposed Interreligious Council at the UN

September 11, 2010

A consultation about the proposed interreligious council at the UN on Sept. 11, 2010, called for implementing a new culture of peace to prevent such a terrible day for all mankind from happening again.


Connecting with the Christian Legacy in Rome

August 26, 2010

Rome, Italy - During their time in the Eternal City, UPF International Chair Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and his wife Yeon Ah visited the churches of St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. John to connect with the 2,000-year legacy of Christianity.


"Wine for Peace" Awards

March 13, 2010

Rome, Italy - Through its medical and sports branches, the Universal Peace Federation organized a "Wine for Peace” award ceremony at a restored Medieval mansion.


Week of Peace in Milan and Monza

September 27, 2009

Italy - An International Week of Peace was celebrated in Milan with a benefit concert and a seminar on peace in the family and community and in Monza with a peace vigil and intercultural dialogue.


Global Peace Tour Program in the Eternal City

April 1, 2009

Rome, Italy - The Global Peace Tour event took place in a conference hall at the national parliament, with support and participation from a number of senators and deputies.


Enduring Friendships Among Young Israelis and Palestinians

December 17, 2008

Report on follow-up meetings with young Israelis and Palestinians who spent ten days together in Italy and San Marino during the summer of 2008 in a trip organized by UPF-Israel and UPF-Italy.


Bergamo Declaration on Interreligious Cooperation

November 16, 2008

Participants in a conference on Interreligious Cooperation for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity held in Bergamo, Italy, Nov. 15-16, 2008, adopted a declaration on interreligious cooperation.


Day of Peace in Italy

September 21, 2008

Italy - In several cities of Italy, peace trees were planted in public parks and peace conferences took place.


Young Palestinians and Israelis Forge Bonds in Europe

September 10, 2008

Israeli and Palestinian youth spent ten days in Italy and San Marino in early September seeking to develop new aspects of leadership. The trip offered many unique opportunities for interaction among the Israelis and the Palestinians, as well as Italians interested in cross-cultural understanding.


RYS-Italy Repairs Former Church used for Social Service

April 27, 1990

Rome Italy—From April 17th to the 27th, participants repaired a former church that was being used for social services. Most of the participants helped with the carpentry work and light construction tasks.


RYS Builds Shelters,Training Centers and Restores Monastery in Three Cities of Italy

August 10, 1989

Rome, Artena and Palestrina, Italy— RYS participants enjoyed the cultural, historic, and sightseeing programs. The educational program offered not only a deep understanding of Christianity but of aspects of all the major world religions.