UPF Ireland Expresses Peace Day through Walking and Talking

September 22, 2019

Downpatrick, Co. Down, Ireland—UPF marked International Day of Peace with a Peace Road Walk followed by a Peace Road Forum.


Irish Forum Discusses Brexit Effects

September 9, 2018

Carlingford, Ireland—UPF-Ireland added a forum to its “Peace Road” event, discussing the effects of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.


Irish ‘Peace Road’ Passes a Battlefield and a Border

September 17, 2017

Carlingford, Ireland—The 2017 Peace Road event saw 15 participants bicycling to the border with Northern Ireland.


Interfaith Prayer Vigil Held in Dublin

August 10, 2014

Dublin, Ireland - UPF-Ireland organized a prayer vigil at the Lantern Interfaith Center in the heart of Dublin on Aug. 9, 2014, to take a stand on the escalation of violence around the world.


Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland Commends UPF Peace Initiatives

July 11, 2014

Dublin, Ireland - During a July 11, 2014, courtesy visit by UPF-Nigeria Ambassadors for Peace in Diaspora, the Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland commended UPF for its initiatives towards "establishing and preserving peace."


Day of Families Observed in Dublin

May 18, 2012

Dublin, Ireland - The Irish branch of the Universal Peace Federation celebrated the UN International Day of Family on May 18 at the Lantern Interfaith Centre.


Day of Peace Observed in Dublin

September 23, 2011

Dublin, Ireland - UPF-Ireland celebrated the International Day of Peace on September 23 in partnership with the Lantern Interfaith Centre in Dublin. The evening program included a speech on the UPF principles of peace, a discussion chaired by a member of parliament, entertainment, and refreshments.


Day of Families Observed in Dublin

May 15, 2011

Dublin, Ireland - UPF-Ireland arranged for a celebration of the United Nations International Day of Families at the Lantern Centre in Dublin on May 15.


M. Murray: Address to International Leadership Conference

February 9, 2011

I commandeered a vacated secondary school building and began to create there a place of hospitality and a space for interfaith and intercultural activity. My behaviour revealed more creativity than obedience and I behave in a manner  which could be described as subversively creative.


Day of Families Celebrated in Dublin

May 18, 2010

Dublin, Ireland - A symposium at the Lantern Interfaith Centre in central Dublin on May 18 addressed the theme of this year's UN International Day of Families: The Impact of Migration on Families around the World.


Promoting Family and Character Education in Ireland

December 9, 2009

Dublin, Ireland - On December 9 a small group of Ambassadors for Peace gathered at Unity House, the UPF Peace Embassy in central Dublin, to discuss issues related to the development of a character education program as well as to hear the views of an Irish senator on strengthening traditional family values.


Day of Peace in Dublin

September 23, 2009

Dublin, Ireland - A veteran peacebuilder described lessons from the peace process in Ireland.


RYS-Columbia Builds a Peace Garden at the Columbanus Center for Reconciliation

September 30, 1997

Belfast, Northern Ireland—Thirty-five RYS participants from twelve nations joined together to model and build a Peace Garden at the Columbanus Center for Reconciliation.