In Memoriam: H.E. Rodrigo Carazo

December 10, 2009

San Jose, Costa Rica - H.E. Dr. Rodrigo Carazo, President of Costa Rica (1978-82), died December 9 at the age of 82. A UPF Ambassador for Peace and member of its Global Peace Council, Carazo spoke at a peace conference in Seoul in July promoting "a renewed United Nations that embodies the parental heart of God.”


O. Alvarez: Peace in the Americas

February 1, 2009

We are in times of crisis. Economic growth has been interrupted and there is a growing recession comparable to the 1929 crisis. It is a global economic crisis that was born in the US and transmitted to Europe, Japan, China, Mexico, Argentina, and Latin America in general. It demonstrates that we are interconnected and interdependent.


O. Alvarez: Paz en las Américas

January 31, 2009

Estamos en tiempos de crisis. Se interrumpió el crecimiento económico y empezó una recesión cada vez más generalizada y solamente comparable a la crisis del 29 del siglo pasado. Es una crisis económica global que nace en los Estados Unidos y contagia a Europa, a Japón, a China, a México, Argentina y la América Latina en general. Demuestra que estamos interconectados y que somos interdependientes.


J.M. Echandi: The Challenge for New Generations

July 6, 2008

I come from Costa Rica, a country which more than 60 years ago made a declaration of peace to the world and constitutionally eliminated its army. Peace is inherent in the being of the Costa Rican people. As a legislator, democratically elected by the Costa Rican people, I bring a brotherly embrace to all who have assembled here to give birth to peace.


UPF Latin American Tour

April 26, 2008

UPF Co-chair Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and Secretary General Dr. Thomas Walsh promoted “A Vision for the Americas” and held International Leadership Conferences in six nations. Read reports about events in Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Uruguay (Español), and Brazil (Português).

Read the Keynote Address given in Peru | (Español)


Spreading the Message of Peace on TV in Costa Rica

April 15, 2008

San Jose, Costa Rica - Peace education is being carried out through the Tele-paz channel, which broadcasts from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily, including programs featuring Ambassadors for Peace. Ten to twenty calls come in each day from around the country from people who want more information.


Peace Tour Builds UPF in Costa Rica

August 7, 2006

Arriving in Costa Rica to deliver the UPF peace message, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and her family were welcomed by Rev. Joon Soo Kim and several Ambassadors for Peace.


R. Carazo: A Culture of Peace Requires Human Rights and Justice

February 18, 2002

The culture of peace is a way of life in which mutual respect produces social integration. There can be no peace if the respect for the other’s rights does not prevail.