RYS Participants Practice Interfaith Cooperation Through a Road Construction Project in Bangladesh

May 13, 1996

Bangladesh— Students from the RYS Club at Dhaka University practice interfaith cooperation through a road construction project.


RYS Volunteers Paves Road to School in Bangladesh

January 19, 1995

Chittagong/Aburkhil, Bangladesh— Participants carried 3000 bricks to a school and begin constructing a paved road (Amity Road) to the school.


RYS-Bangladesh Organizes Projects with School Clubs

October 21, 1992

Chittagong, Bangladesh—The RYS alumni in Bangladesh began an RYS club and started to hold meeting on campus and at other NGO locations. They worked to create and organize a second national project and could invite some of the neighboring nations to get involved. The theme of the project was "Green Project" and helped organizers to highlight issues that would serve to raise environmental conscience.


RYS Restores a School in Bangladesh

January 31, 1992

Dhaka, Bangladesh—Participants did light construction and restoration work on a school. This first national project was served to pull in a large number of good students into the RYS vision.