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Think Tank 2022


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Photo retrospective of events organized by UPF-Nepal during 2014.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina - “Compartir, reconocer y celebrar” fue el lema bajo el que UPF Argentina cerró las actividades del año 2014, el 20 de diciembre en Buenos Aires.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina - “Por la dignidad y por la integración social” fue el lema bajo el cual el domingo 14 de diciembre se plantó un olivo en el Barrio Padre Mugica (Villa 31) de Buenos Aires.

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Paris, France - Le 13 décembre 2014, à l'Hôtel Alliance à Paris, la FPU-France a tenu une réunion d’Ambassadeurs de paix.

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The Universal Peace Federation calls awareness to the oneness of the global human family as a foundation for securing human rights, calling for greater spiritual awareness and a collective will to ensure the well being of all people.

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Chisinau, Moldavie - Du 5 au 7 décembre à Chisinau, en Moldavie, s'est tenue une conférence intitulée "Dialogue Eurasie-Europe pour la paix".

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Libreville, Gabon - Une première conférence sous régionale Afrique Centrale de la Fédération pour la paix Universelle, organisée à Libreville, le 06 décembre 2014 par la branche Gabonaise, sous le Thème Générique:« L’Afrique à un point tournant : Besoin de leadership ».

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Lima, Perú - UPF-Perú celebró una reunión el 06 de diciembre del 2014, para celebrar el aniversario del Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos de la ONU en un ambiente muy histórico: el antiguo edificio del Senado y antiguo lugar de la Inquisición.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina - “Dar una mano al hermano” y “dar sin esperar nada a cambio” fueron expresiones escuchadas durante la celebración “Digamos juntos: ‘¡Gracias!’” llevada a cabo el 5 de diciembre en la Universidad de la Marina Mercante.

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La FPU/RD Congo a célébré la Journée nationale de l’arbre, le 5 Décembre dans la ville de Matadi située à environ 356 Km de Kinshasa et la ville de Kindu , située à environ 1100 Km de Kinshasa.

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Lagos, Nigeria - Dr. Raphael O. Oko, secretary general of UPF-Nigeria, was named a “Fellow of the Institute of Information Management” by the Board of Directors of its Governing Council and Management.

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Core Programs

UPF conferences convene professionals and stakeholders from a wide range of sectors—government, religion, academia, civil society, the media, the arts, etc.—encouraging interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral dialogue aimed at the search for solutions to the world's critical problems. UPF conferences underscore the importance of spiritual values, ethical principles, teamwork, responsible leadership and good governance.

Think Tank 2022

UPF unveiled Think Tank 2022 as one of its main projects and is mobilizing its worldwide network in this effort, reaching leaders in all sectors of society. Utilizing online forums, webinars and strategic discussions, world leaders and influencers are joining a global network of experts to examine all aspects of a peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

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Rally of Hope Series

Starting in 2018, UPF conducted a series of in-person and virtual conferences culminating in a Rally of Hope held in August 2020 for an audience of millions, involving thousands of world leaders from every sector of society.

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World Summit

Convened at times of heightened global concerns about security, UPF's World Summits address issues of peace, security and development. Distinguished leaders discuss the theme from national, regional and global perspectives.

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International Leadership Conferences (ILC)

UPF and its global network of Ambassadors for Peace bring universal, spiritual principles to the tasks of resolving conflict and reconciling the divided human family. The International Leadership Conference series focuses on the urgent need for new vision and moral leadership. Presentations offer a framework for peacebuilding and development grounded in core values and universal principles.

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International Conferences

UPF's international conferences bring together diverse speakers and participants to consider issues of broad concern. Speakers share insights from their backgrounds in governance, diplomacy, academia, and civil society and promote collaboration in resolving the issues.

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Regional Conferences

UPF regions organize conferences where people share insights from their backgrounds in governance, diplomacy, academia, and civil society to address areas of concern.

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Peace Road Initiative

The Peace Road and the World Peace Road Foundation are global goodwill projects of the Universal Peace Federation. The project dates back to 1981, when the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon proposed an international highway that will physically connect all people of the world. The Peace Road initiative promotes two projects in particular: an undersea tunnel between Korea and Japan, and the Bering Strait Project to connect Alaska and Siberia.

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Sunhak Peace Prize (SHPP)

Proposed by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon in 2013, the Sunhak Peace Prize awards distinguished individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to peace and human development, and to restore balance to the relationship between humanity and the natural environment. The Sunhak Peace Prize is committed to the ideal of realizing “One Family Under God,” a global community based on the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

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