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World Summit 2020 - IAPD Schedule

UPF initiated the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development as a partner organization to the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace. Through interreligious dialogue and exchange of viewpoints among the world’s religions and faith-based organizations, terrorism, violent extremism and the world’s ills can be proactively addressed.


February 3-5, 2020



Archbishop George A. Stallings, Jr., Chairman, IAPD North America, USA
Rev. Hyun Young Lee, Chairman, IAPD Asia

Interfaith Ceremony and Declaration

Welcome Remarks
Ven. Sang Jin, Cheong Ryon Temple (Blue Lotus Temple), Korea
Sheikh Moafaq Tarif, Spiritual head, Druze Community, Israel
Prophet Samuel Radebe, founder, Revelation Church of God; President of UPF-South Africa
Rev. Dr. Mark Abernathy, National Co-President, ACLC, USA 

Imam Dr. Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, Chief imam, All India Imam Organisation, India
Sheikh Moafaq Tarif, Spiritual head, Druze Community, Israel
Rev. Dr. K.B. Rokaya, President, National Council of Churches of Nepal
Msgr. Rogelio Sáez Carbó, Archimandrite, Greek Orthodox Church; Vicar General, Spain and Portugal
Fr. Martinho Germano da Silva Gusmao, Advisor to the Catholic Bishop of Dili, Timor Leste
Shri Harmohindar Singh Bhatia, European director, Sant Nirankari Mission, United Kingdom
Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, Spiritual leader, Islamic House of Wisdom, Michigan, USA



Moderator: Mr. David Fraser Harris, Secretary General, UPF Middle East and North Africa

Mr. Fouad Sobbi, President, Mandaean World Congress, Australia
Hon. Souffrant Evans, General Director, Ministry of Worship, Haiti
Swami ShantatmanandaHead and secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, India
Dr. Ven. SobhitaPrincipal, International Buddhist Education Center, Myanmar
Hon. Suhadi Sendjaja, Aceh Ulema Council (MPU), Indonesia
Rev. Yoshio Kawakami, Professor emeritus, Tezukayama Gakuin University; Chairman,, IAPD-Japan
Dr. Andriy Yurash, director, Department for Religious Affairs and Nationalities, Ministry of Culture, Ukraine
Sheikh Nuru Mohammed, Minister of Religion, Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim Community of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Imam Talib M. Shareef, President, Majid Muhammad, USA



Bishop Juan Habib Chamieh, Catholic Bishop, President Commission of Eastern Churches, Argentina
Sheikh Mohamed Khan, IAPD Kenya
Dr. Hussein Kim Dong Eok, President, Korea Muslim Federation, Korea
Mgr. Nicolas, Patriarch, Orthodox Patriarchate of Nations, France
Father Yacobos Abu-Aaqel, Priest, Arabic Orthodox Community, Israel
Rev. Wako Higashi, Chief Priest, Chokoan Buddhist Temple, Japan
Most Ven. Dr. Hongsa Boriboun, Deputy Director, General for Sangha Foreign Affairs of Central Buddhist Fellowship Organization of Lao PDR (CBFOL), Laos 
Fr. Joseph Saghbini, Parish Priest, Melkite Catholic Church, Lebanon
Mrs. Ruth CleaverPresident, Auckland Interfaith Council, New Zealand
Rev. Fr. Devasiri Peiris, Diocese of Colombo, Church of Ceylon, Sri Lanka
Ven. Balangoda Ananda Chandrakeerthi, Senior Lecturer, Bhiksu University, Sri Lanka

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