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Developing Nicaragua’s Agricultural Sector

Nicaragua-2015-10-01-Developing Nicaragua’s Agricultural Sector

Matagalpa, Nicaragua—On October 1, UPF-Nicaragua held an event at the Hotel of Montana Selva Negra, where speakers spoke about Nicaragua’s agricultural sector and opportunities to develop it.

Among the 30 participants were Dr. Charles S. Yang of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU); Dr. Jairo Rojas Meza, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN); Dr. Lissette Montenegro, a congresswoman of the National Assembly of Nicaragua; Mr. Francisco Lanzas Tercero, president of the Association of Coffee Planters; Mr.  Norman Fajardo, president of the Association of Cattle Farmers-Matagalpa; Mr. Luis Ramírez, mayor of Waslala; Dr. Norman Leclreir, an advisor to the mayor of Matagalpa; Mr. Maximino Rodríguez, former congressman of the National Assembly; Ms. Mauci Kuhl, owner of Hotel de Montaña Selva Negra; and Mr. Gerson Zeledón, a businessman.

Ms. Kuhl spoke about her experience building and running an agricultural company and a tourist business.

Rev. Jorge de Oliveira, a representative of UPF-Nicaragua, gave a presentation about UPF’s principles of peace, and on the topic, “One Family under God.”

Dr. Meza spoke about the various challenges and opportunities to develop Nicaragua’s agricultural sector.

Dr. Yang concluded the event with a presentation on Korea’s development experience and the lessons that can be learned from it for Nicaragua’s development.