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Reflections on World Summit 2013

Reflections by Lebanese Ambassadors for Peace who participated in UPF's World Summit in Seoul, Korea, February 2013.

Nada Harward

Just a little note to say how much I've appreciated the efficiency and devotion of all the team organizing the event.

One speaker said that he was blown away and overwhelmed. I guess this statement from the heart illustrates the feeling of everybody. I was amazed by the scale of the event; it takes lots of resources and true professionals and months to organize similar gatherings by the United Nations, and I have never seen an NGO accomplish what you did. I guess it is the vision of the founder that when there is a will, miracles happen, and they happen with a smile. The cultural events on the side added to the magic, and we leave with emotions and colors in our heads and peace in our hearts and with this motto: Yes we can.

Thank you also for helping us discover the Korean culture and people. It is a love story to be continued.

Siham Saab Khodr

I was so glad when I was nominated to represent my country as an Ambassador for Peace by the UPF-Lebanon representative, Mr. Thomas Schellen at the World Summit 2013.

The opening ceremony was carried out with high international standards of form, organization and presence. There were delegations from 60 countries that included many presidents, prime ministers, deputies, ambassadors, general directors, doctors, engineers, writers, judges, retired ministers and deputies, university professors, and other social, humanitarian, religious and international leaders. What was most noteworthy was the enthusiasm of the participants coming from all over the world to work for peace and love. Many international flags were displayed in the hall, which was equipped with the equipment and technology to transmit the images and sounds and the great noble idea of peacebuilding adopted by all the participants with care, enthusiasm and seriousness. With the participation and presence of many important international women, the message had added strength and effectiveness.

The enthusiasm of the world for love and peace was shown by the 45,000 people who filled a stadium to show their support for a global family spirit that can transcend the political conflicts between countries, causing so much suffering.

These conferences, meetings and discussions reflect the importance of dialogue, living in peace and accepting others, working for an international society where people of different cultures come together under the name of their common humanity under the banner of cooperation and peace. Everybody, from all religions and doctrines, must work for peace out of love for God, not for conflict, fighting and hate.

Such meetings build relationships among people with a shared vision based on respect, love for knowledge and concern for future generations.

I propose to work on some important points to call on states and officials to fight against war leaders and criminals who are occupying positions of power and issuing orders to kill, people who are proud of their destructive powers and bloody deeds. Peacebuilders must be mobilized to help each other oppose these criminals and work for peace so that people can live in peace. We have to fight corrupt media and false history books to spread justice and international laws that preserve peace for the sake of humanity.

The Arabic presence was distinguished and remarkable, especially in the discussions about the Palestinian issues. The Arab contributions were honored, and even the other party offered congratulations. There were representatives from Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq, although not from Syria or the Gulf states.

There were four first ladies as well as women deputies, ambassadors, consuls, municipal heads, university rectors and army leaders. This shows the leadership and wisdom that women can contribute, with the support of men, in spreading peace all over the world.