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In Memoriam: Tor Ragnar Gerholm

Professor Tor Ragnar Gerholm, Ambassador for Peace

Our good friend and colleague, Professor Tor Ragnar Gerholm, Ambassador for Peace, died at the age of 81. An early pioneer of the International Conference on the Unity of Sciences, attended the second conference in Tokyo in 1973 and became later one of the pillars of the conferences. He served both as Chairman and Vice Chairman many years.

Dr. Gerholm was a man of unusual and varied qualities. Longtime Professor of Physics at Stockholm University, he also served as a member of the Nobel Prize selection committee for physics. He was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. He always advocated for the need for a cross-scientific approach to the world´s problems. He held positions in institutions of Economy, Politics and Religion and always stood up for what he believed to be true. His involvement with ICUS was not without controversy, and once he told me that people from the Lutheran Church in Sweden had asked him not to attend. His answer was this: "I cannot afford to have such prejudices".

An energy expert, Dr. Gerholm was widely known for his controversial views on climate change. His books included "Climate Control after Kyoto," "Physics and Man: An invitation to modern physics," and many others.

From the scientific community he was one of the people who came to truly understand the vision of Father Moon. His own account of this, "Rev. Moon´s Call on Science" appeared in the recently published book "Peace King."

Dr. Gerholm was also a family man, and is survived by his wife, four children and grandchildren.