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Honoring the Legacy of Esteban Fauret

Argentina-2022-04-15-Esteban Fauret: A Valuable Work Which Remains a Legacy


Argentina—UPF-Argentina expresses their condolences to relatives and families of Ambassador for Peace Esteban Fauret, who died on April 15, 2022 (1). He was a deeply sensitive and helpful person who always had a smile on his face. He was a multifaceted figure, committed to literature, culture and our planetary home, which earned him different acknowledgments in Argentina and the region. He worked tirelessly along with his lifetime partner, Ambassador for Peace Amalia Daibes.

One of his more emblematic projects with his wife and team was the literary-ecologic Program “Y volverán a ser árboles,” a very well-known initiative which seeks to create synergy and more empathy and commitments from the literary world to the natural environment and peace. This gave rise in 2018 to the campaign “Let’s Plant Trees: Let’s Sow Peace” with UPF-Argentina (2).

Esteban Fauret, Buenos Aires provincial institutional representative of 2020 Peace Road and awardee at the 2011 Solidary Contest and 2013 International Poetry Contest by UPF-Argentina, was born in the autumn of 1953 in Benito Juárez, Buenos Aires. He then moved to Pehuajó, 365 km away from Buenos Aires City, where he developed his cultural, ecological and peace-related work. There, he served for years in the Municipal Press Office and, more recently, the Rivadavia Library. He founded “Márgenes Azules,” an editorial board which allowed many writers to proofread their work, and organized congresses and various activities, gathering people from different countries. His valuable and admirable work remains a legacy (3).


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