Links to Other Marriage and Family Organizations

United Families International provides a vast amount of information and research on the local, national and international levels including the Guide to Family Issues which provides family advocates and policy makers with vital information that will aid in defending the family in area such as pornography, cohabitation, sexual orientation, and divorce. Its UN Negotiating Guide is the most widely used tool at the United Nations for defending the family in UN documents. It offers a newsletter, The Family Times.

The Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development with a global span and interdisciplinary approach provides information on family policy, family research and implementation, and social outreach. The Global State of the Family Index and the Global Family Matters offer massive amounts of data related to family health and wellbeing including, for example, rates of infant mortality, maternal mortality, marriage and divorce, as well as educational attainment and family economic data for all nations. Data can be located by nation or topic. It provides numerous other resources such listings of family-related NGOs, family scholars, conferences, and institutes

The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center is a clearinghouse for practical resources for educating about healthy relationships, families, and marriage. It provides statistics, research, articles about the family and family policy, and educational approaches to strengthen marriage and the family. This site is particularly strong in providing supportive materials for a marriage educator with a  long list of curricula and programs for all types of families as well as facilitation guidelines and resources for training. Some of the marriage and relationship curricula listed are free.

World Congress of Families: The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society provides many resources such as research articles, publications, media, information on conferences and institutes for the purpose of defending the family and guiding public policy and cultural norms. The Howard Center initiated the five World Congress of Families known as “the world’s largest conferences of pro- family leaders and grass roots activists.” These international and regional conventions assemble representatives from many national, ethnic, cultural, social and religious communities to affirm that the natural human family is established by the Creator and essential to a good society.

Smart Marriages catalyzed the marriage movement in America through the annual Smart Marriage conferences that brought together researchers, marriage therapists and educators, authors, and policy makers. The website provides excellent resources such lists of marriage and relationship education programs, curricula, training and speakers as well as the latest research, articles and archived presentations related to strengthening marriage. Although the Smart Marriage conferences are no longer being held this organization still provides key and updated resources on issues related to marriage and the family.