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Taiwan Tennis Star to Promote AIDS/Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign

Amber Kuo, Spokeswoman for the 2010 Campaign Against AIDS and Drug Abuse

Taipei, Taiwan - Rendy Lu, a Taiwanese professional tennis player who competed in the 2010 Wimbledon Championship, was selected to be the spokesperson for campaign against AIDS and drug abuse in 2011. The new theme is “Your turn to serve is crucial to win in a game – Persist in preventing AIDS and drug abuse ~ Never give up!”

During a press conference at the World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010, Rendy Lu said, “This campaign should implement thoroughly in educating the youth with the right concept. We have to persist in doing the right thing.”

UPF-Taiwan and the Women's Federation for World Peace-Taiwan sponsored a similar campaign in 2010. They selected Ms. Amber Kuo, a youth idol, as the spokesperson for the AIDS Prevention and Anti Drug Abuse Campaign and held a series of creative activities to spread information about preventing AIDS and drug abuse to the youth. Activities included making a short promotional video clip, radio broadcasts, a poster contest, slogan, and short essays on the Internet.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 people benefited from this campaign in 2010.