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Honoring a Legacy of Peace in the Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands-2010-07-31-Honoring a Legacy of Peace in the Marshall Islands

Majuro, Marshall Islands - UPF held a Legacy of Peace Celebration on July 31 in the event hall of the Marshall Islands Resort Hotel. Although events were taking place at churches on the same day, key dignitaries were present. Those present at this meaningful event included Former President H.E. Kessai H. Note, Former Bikini Atoll Mayor Hon. Eldon Note, Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications Mr. Phil Philippo, the Director of the Marshall Islands Council of NGOs Mrs. Bonny Taggart, and the families of the Legacy of Peace honorees.

    Honorees included Ambassadors for Peace who were political and religious leaders:

    • H.E. Amata Kabua, founding President (serving five terms as President), Traditional Paramount Chief
    • Hon. Tipne Philippo, Senator of Lae Atoll, and Pastor of a Congregation Church
    • Hon. Toej Albetter, Woman Paramount Chief in Majuro
    • Hon. Jamore Albetter, Senator of during the Trust Territories Era
    • Hon. Telnan Lanki, Paramount Chief in Majuro
    • Hon. Riley Albertter, Mayor of Majuro
    • Hon. Abner Lemae, Mayor of Jaluit Atoll and Member of the first RMI Constitutional Convention
    • Mr. Kosang Mizutani, President of the Japanese Marshallese Association, Medical professional

    Former President Note gave moving accounts about the late founding President Amata Kabua. Then, Mr. Phil Philippo, Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, spoke intimately about his parents, the late Hon. Rev. Tipne Philippo and Mrs. Neimon Philippo.

      Preparations for the event included the homes of relatives of each of the honorees to explain the Memorial Festival of Ascension and Unity as a way to celebrate the legacy of individuals who lived with distinction and honor and for the sake of others. Life is a journey, and the ceremony celebrates their transition to another, higher dimension: the spiritual world.