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Honoring a Legacy of Peace in Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine - On July 8, UPF-Ukraine held a “Legacy of Peace” conference and Ceremony of Ascension and Unity. Over 60 attendees represented various spheres: education, NGO and business.

The conference was held in a spacious conference hall at the Express Hotel in Kiev.

Participants listened to a presentation about similar conferences held in other countries of the CIS and around the world. Those present also had the opportunity to hear a 20-minute presentation based on the philosophy of the UPF founder, Dr. Sun Myung Moon about the principle according to which God created the universe, the cause of conflicts, and ways to solve them, as well as the meaning of the Ascension and Unity Ceremony.

Ascension and Unity ceremony

This ceremony was held to honor four distinguished people who were recommended by the UPF International. These included the former South Korean president Kim Dae Jung, the former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid, US General Alexander Haig ,and the former Costa Rican president Rodrigo Carazo.

The Ascension and Unity ceremony was also held for four famous people of Ukraine. These were the renowned writer Pavlo Hubenko (Ostap Vyshnia); a well-known singer, Anatoliy Solovyanenko; a heroic woman pilot, Mariya Dolina; and a valuable supporter of UPF, Aleksandr Adamenko.

Following the Ascension and Unity ceremony, an opera singer performed the classical work “Ave Maria.”

At the end, Dr. Moon’s speech from a similar conference in Las Vegas was presented.

Participants were deeply moved by the spiritual atmosphere of the event. Relatives and close friends of those for whom the ceremony was held were sincerely grateful.

After the event, some of the Ambassadors for Peace expressed their desire to study Dr. Moon’s philosophy in detail.