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Book Review: War Child, by Bruce Cerew

What’s in a book? Is it a laugh, a thrill, a feeling, a thought, a tragedy, a jolt, a profound communication, reality? You’ll find all of that and more in the new, quick selling War Child, a Memoir, by Bruce Cerew.

Cerew’s story is based on his own real life experience growing up as a child in war torn Africa and leads to his daring escape and eventual flight to freedom in the Netherlands. The book reads like a Hollywood thriller and may indeed be made into a film.

This story tells the true events of one young man’s courageous flight from injustice in West Africa, where he falls victim to violence at the hands of an abusive, gambling father, only to be captured by marauding rebel troops, then held prisoner, by a supposedly enlightened Western society.

Cerew’s powerful story is told through the eyes of Ray; his fictionalized alter ego, who at just 12 years old finds himself forced to leave home. On his long road of despair he is subjected to a chain of continued abuse, victimization and disappointment.

Weakened by his struggle for freedom, Ray begins to lose his sense of self and reality. This mental confusion eventually brings him to the brink of madness.

War Child is an unflinching look at the horrors of human abuse and war—and it reflects how those horrors continue to twist and shape the lives of refugees long after they escape their own country’s conflicts.

Refugees and immigrants around the world, who have fallen through the cracks of a fatigued global society, will be overwhelmed with joy and appreciation to know that one of them has exposed their plight to the world on a very personal level.

Cerew’s ultimate freedom is hard won, and is accomplished only through his indomitable spirit and a strong faith that prevailed against all odds. In the end, what saves him is human kindness, dignity and the emotional rescue of love.
About the Author:

Ever active, Bruce Cerew has been appointed an Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation, for his humanitarian efforts in post-war Africa. He has also been speaking to political and religious leaders about the plight of refugees, child abuse and women’s rights. His goal is to use the profits raised from his book to build schools for handicapped children in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Mr. Cerew is now happily married, living in the Netherlands and has a newly born daughter.

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