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Africa Day

Africa Day 2012 Celebrated Around the World

Africa Day 2012 was observed by UPF chapters in Australia, Ecuador, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and the UK. Highlights included:

AUSTRALIA - The North Melbourne Community Centre donated the use of their entire facilities for an Africa Day celebration, and a colorful crowd of some 250 people attended the afternoon and evening event. There was a beautiful atmosphere, with women in traditional dress, people from different African nations, and various groups bringing food and materials to sell to raise funds. Funds raised will be sent to Uganda for the purchase and distribution of wheelchairs.

ECUADOR - A UPF-Ecuador delegation visited the office of Fundación de Desarrollo Social y Cultural Afroecuatoriana Azucar to deliver a contribution to the fund to construct an Afro-Ecuadorian Cultural Center. The Director described the way of life of Afro-Ecuadorians, the plan for the Cultural Center, and the activities of their organization. The descendants of black African slaves, Afroecuatorians experience regional inequalities, racial discrimination, and poverty.

GERMANY - Africans living in Bonn organized a program showcasing African music, food, and culture and a discussion of some of the challenges facing Africa.

GHANA - A celebration of African Union Day took place at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Accra with the theme "The Role of Youth in Building a Peaceful Africa." More than 200 students and some of their teachers were in attendance, joyously attired in local dress. Two children from The Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation gave a soul-stirring rendition of the poem "The Voice of Africa Calling for the End of the Scourge of War."

ISRAEL - Recent years have seen an influx of African refugees and asylum seekers streaming to Israel through the many loopholes of the Egyptian-Israeli border. They find themselves crammed in small run-down apartments in south Tel Aviv with no source of income. UPF representatives visited the offices of Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel to recognize and support their work helping refugees from Sudan and Eritrea.

JAPAN - To the tune of Africa’s vibrant rhythms and melodies, about 100 people, more young ones than their seniors, danced around in Tokyo’s African restaurant in a commemoration of Africa Day. UPF-Japan and Team Africa for Peace and Prosperity co-organized an event ‘Amazing Africa – Multi-cultural Experiences.’

KAZAKHSTAN - UPF-Kazakhstan worked in close cooperation with the African Union of Kazakhstan, the Ethnos-Forum Foundation of Kazakhstan, and Almaty State College of New Technologies, UPF-Kazakhstan to celebrate Africa Day in Almaty with speeches, music, dancing, a video, and a banquet.

RUSSIA – A Play Football Make Peace tournament in the Lyublino District of Moscow brought together people from the local Stardvor team, Moscow State University students, a team from the Embassy of South Africa, and a team from Cote d’Ivoire. In Novosibirsk, a reception in honor of the African Diaspora in Siberia attracted about 20 young people, including three African students. A Nigerian studying at the Novosibirsk State Technical University spoke about “The Pride of Africa" and described some of the challenges faced by Africans living in Russia.

UNITED KINGDOM - An engaging discussion took place in the House of Lords about peace, security, and development in Africa. Speakers included the former UN Head of Mission in DR Congo and South Sudan; a former UNICEF representative Nigeria, Sudan, and Ghana; and people with experience in development work in several nations of Africa.

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