UPF-Portugal Joins Interfaith "Prayer for Peace"

UPF was invited to participate in an annual interreligious "Prayer for Peace."


UPF International Elected to the Board of CoNGO

UPFI was elected to the board of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO).


UPF-Uruguay Commemorates UN International Day of Peace

UPF-Uruguay held a commemoration of the UN International Day of Peace on September 24, 2022.


UPF-Ghana Observes UN International Day of Peace

UPF-Ghana, and its sister organizations, FFWPU and WFWP, marked the UN International Day of Peace in Anyinam.


UPF-Austria Holds ‘Rethinking Peace’ Event

Speakers at a UPF peace conference described their experiences of reconciliation.


UPF-Bolivia's International Leadership Conference and Peace Road

An International Leadership Conference and Peace Road event was held at the Eden Hotel in the city of Oruro in Bolivia.




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International Association for Peace and Economic Development

UPF-Argentina: Panel of Entrepreneurs Marks Launch of IAED-UPF

Argentina-2021-10-26-UPF-Argentina: Panel of Entrepreneurs Marks Launch of IAED-UPF


Argentina—“Challenges for Peace and Sustainable Economic Development” was the title of the panel of entrepreneurs that marked the launch of the International Association for Peace and Development (IAED)-UPF in Argentina on October 26, 2021, by Zoom platform and broadcast on the UPF-Argentina YouTube channel (1).

Recording: https://youtu.be/WhVa9_uWaKQ

The presentations were preceded by a video of the UPF leadership areas (2) and an international message from UPF director in South America, Rev. Dong Mo Shin, who in his speech included excerpts from the founder’s autobiography, As a Peace-loving Global Citizen, in which the founder of UPF addresses the problem of hunger and environmental destruction. There he emphasizes the importance of implementing “education programs on peace and love” with the slogan and vision, “To solve the problem of hunger we must have a heart that is willing to plant seeds.”

Ambassador for Peace and journalist Patricia Pitaluga, president of the Approaching Nations Civil Association, moderated the panel and also posed some questions to it. Before introducing each exhibitor, she mentioned the five thematic and action axes that IAED is considering in Argentina: 1. Company and state, 2. Company and work, 3. Social Responsibility (CSR), 4. Development and sustainability, and 5. Create and undertake.

The panelists were Sara Shaw, vice president of FundTV, member of the Board of Directors of the Christian Association of Business Leaders (ACDE) 2015-2019; Karin Rodríguez, director of administration and finance, Signo Plast S.A., director of WEF Colombia 2022; Julio González, Oralí family business, founder of the United Dreamers Civil Association; Andrés Palas, director at Kinetic Workout & Hybrid of Sport; and Daniel Tigani, CIMBRA executive director and secretary of industry at FECOBA.

Presenting this new area of leadership was a challenge at a time when the economy was the focus of Argentina’s electoral campaign and the press was addressing the increase in poverty, indigence and inflation rates. The panel, made up mostly of business people, included Sara Shaw, the daughter of the founder of the Christian Association of Business Leaders (ACDE), Enrique Shaw, who was declared venerable in 2021 by the Catholic Church for the example of her life and commitment to others. Surprisingly, little was said about economics and much about values, with great social sensitivity and empathy in solving problems, assuming a commitment to a common prosperity.

Next, an economic analyst and expert in cross-cultural negotiation, Jorge Tuero, commented on what was expressed in each of the presentations, not as an economist, but as an Ambassador for Peace. He clarified, “I thank you.... I am used to speaking and advising entrepreneurs, not only here, but abroad. Today I learned a lot from you. So, to avoid continuing with the problems that we have in Argentina, let’s seek the path of peace.”

Jorge Tuero, who earned an MBA at Princeton University and a PhD in economics at the University of Chicago, read the objectives set for the IAED in Argentina:

- Promote an economy based on the integrated development of each person in their dignity, family and community.

- Empower a leadership of the sector committed to the common good, under the premises of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.

- Promote a virtuous link between the public and private sectors, between the company and the worker, together with academic and scientific knowledge for a better quality of life, seeking growth and development with social responsibility and sustainability.

- Recognize creative and innovative initiatives of companies and entrepreneurs that contribute to a more dignified and healthy life, which mean contributions to education, integrated and social development, harmony with the environment, coexistence and peace.

Miguel Werner, president of UPF-Argentina, opened and closed the meeting, which marked the launch of the sixth global leadership area of UPF in Argentina. In 2017, the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) had been inaugurated in the National Senate of Argentina. In 2020, the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD), the International Association of Media for Peace (IMAP) and the International Association of Academicians for Peace (IAAP) were launched by webinar. And in September 2021 the International Association of Art and Culture for Peace (IAACP), was launched within the framework of the celebration of the International Day of Peace 2021.

It should be remembered that the IAED was formally presented at a global level during the UPF 2020 World Summit, with the slogan “Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values: The Role of Business Leadership,” and with the conviction that “we have the opportunity and responsibility to work collaboratively with other sectors of society to make the world a better place, address the most important challenges and promote long-term world peace, prosperity and truly sustainable development.”


1) IAED-UPF Argentina launch video 10-26-2021:


2) Introductory video of UPF leadership areas:


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15 Kilometer Peace Road 2022 Event Held in Montreal

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UPF-Argentina Appoints 11 Ambassadors for Peace in Two Events

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