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International Association for Peace and Economic Development

Celebration of International Friendship Day and Launch of IAED in Paraguay

Paraguay-2022-07-29-Celebration of International Friendship Day and Launch of IAED in Paraguay


Asunción, Paraguay—A celebration of International Friendship Day and Launch of the International Association for Peace and Economic Development (IAED) took place on July 29, 2022 at the Bicameral Hall of the National Congress in Asunción, Paraguay. Included in the event were a report of the International Leadership Conference, a tribute to Dr. Artemio Bracho, a panel on Global Challenges for Sustainable Economic Development, special presentation of the Republic Award to UPF, and appointment of new Ambassadors for Peace.

The program was opened by Ambassador for Peace Juan Carlos Amoroso, president of the Communicating Lions Club of Paraguay, who officiated as emcee. The Paraguayan national anthem was sung by tenor Alejandro Ríos of the National Conservatory of Music, after which an opening prayer was offered by the famous pastor Emilio Aguero Esgaid of the megachurch More than Conqueror. Welcoming remarks were given by Ms. Roswitha Dueck de Giuliano, continental vice president of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, who presented a certificate of gratitude to the wife of Guillermo Rolón (a great Ambassador for Peace in life), Ms. Graciela Venialgo, president of Holding Miss Paraguay, a national beauty pageant.

To mark the celebration of International Friendship Day, moderator Lic. Isidro Sosa, MC of the Chamber of Senators, announced the Friend of the Year Award recipients:

  1. The Directive Commission of the World Friendship Crusade, President Cafi Esgaib de Aguero and received by Rubén Capdevilla, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Paraguay;
  2. Oscar Ivan Aristizabal, president of the Association of Colombians Resident in Paraguay, ASOCO.
  3. A posthumous Recognition was given to Ramón Artemio Bracho by Maria Gloria Caballero Fretes, mayor of the city of Quiindy, and was received by the children Hector and Patricia Bracho Aquino.

In response, words of gratitude were offered by Rubén Capdevilla, Lic. Oscar Ivan Aristizabal and Ms. Patricia Bracho Aquino.

Next on the program was the panel on Global Challenges for Sustainable Economic Development, moderated by Mg. Gustavo Giuliano, director of education at UPF. Panelist Dr. Francisco Ruiz Diaz, vice minister of Industry and Commerce, enlightened us on the importance of cooperation rather than excessive competition for sustainable economic development. Panelist Ms. Karina Daher Pacua, businesswoman and president of the Chamber of Maquiladora Companies in Paraguay, gave examples of companies and businesses that are friendly to the environment in the country and are working and exporting from Paraguay. Panelist Rev. Haruhiko Iwasawa, president of the Foundation for the Development of North and South America, presented an overview of the activities of the Leda Project for the support of native communities and the economic development of riverside communities, especially in the city of Bahía Negra, which is the most remote city in the country. The mayor of Bahía Negra, Joao Ferreira, outlined the activities carried out in favor of native communities and in cooperation with the Leda Project and the development of ecological tourism.

Next, UPF was given recognition by the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Paraguay. As an introduction to the Universal Peace Federation, a video was shown outlining Rev. Moon’s and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s teachings on interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. The recognition was presented to UPF by Deputy Esmerita Sanchez on behalf of the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay. The recognitions were received by Evaristo Fernández and Félix Coronel Fariña, president and secretary general of UPF Paraguay, respectively.

This was followed by expressions of thanks from the UPF leaders through videos, both Rev. Dong Mo Shin, president of UPF-South America, and Dr. Sung Jong Seo, president of UPF-Conosur. Finally, Rev. Evaristo Fernández, president of UPF-Paraguay, offered his gratitude to the authorities and then invited all those present to pay tribute to the great unifier and former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, requesting a minute of silence.

Next, new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed. The inscription on the certificate of Ambassador for Peace was read by secretary general Félix Coronel, followed by the presentation of certificates to the new Ambassadors for Peace, officiated by Federico Franco Gómez, former president of UPF-Paraguay, and Rev. Evaristo Fernández. Assisting them were Deputy Esmérita Sánchez and Ms. Roswitha Dueck de Giuliano, vice president of Women’s Federation for World Peace.

Several new Ambassadors for Peace were given an opportunity to respond. First, Don Julio César González, president of Asonadis Paraguay, National Association of Civil Servants with Disabilities of Paraguay, mentioned that it is the first time that an international organization of world renown recognizes the important work of inclusion that they carry out through their organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of the disabled. Second, Don Pedro Fernandez Leon, representative of the employers, expressed gratitude on behalf of the employment sector, emphasizing the importance of having God in our daily activities and thanked UPF for their extraordinary work in the protection and promotion of the natural family made up of a husband and a wife. Third, the mayor of Santa Rosa del Aguaray, Ms. Silvia Noemi Trubger Benítez, representing the seven mayors present and the six who were nominated Ambassadors for Peace, mentioned that being an Ambassador for Peace is beneficial in her position as the manager of a municipality.

Next, congratulations were offered by the officials present. Ms. Cafi Esgaib de Aguero, president of the Directive Commission of the World Crusade of Friendship, asked everyone to stand up and give a big hug to the person next to him or her, remembering the heart of Dr. Artemio Bracho, founder of the International Day of Friendship. Then Ambassador for Peace, Lic. Mauro Osorio, general secretary of the municipality of the City of Ñemby, encouraged the Ambassadors for Peace to comply with the postulates of the organization as stated on the certificate. The final speaker, Ambassador for Peace Ms. Esmérita Sánchez Da Silva, National Deputy of the Republic of Paraguay, congratulated the Universal Peace Federation on the important recognition from the Chamber of Deputies and in her capacity as president of the Human Rights Commission she emphasized the need to practice the universal values ​​promoted by UPF.

Dr. Federico Franco Gómez, former president of the Republic of Paraguay and founder of ISCP, congratulated those present on International Friendship Day. He left a clear message in his capacity as a doctor that we must defend the family and the inclusion of all sectors of society, in defense of life and the natural family made up of a husband and a wife, and the importance of eradicating gender ideology, giving an unforgettable closure to this event.

For the finale, there was “Friendship Day (A Man’s Dream),” performed by Roberto González;  Alejandro Da Silva Sánchez and harpist Don Cristobal Pedersen performed two beautiful guarania numbers; and for the masterful closing, Oscar and Nino Orue Pereyra performed two songs: “They Are Going to Talk to Me about Love,” by Christian Castro, and “Return to My Own Theme.”

At this event was an exhibition of the work of plastic artist Luis Carlos Prieto and the signing of the Inaugural Resolution of the International Association for Peace and Economic Development (IAED) by the dignitaries before entering the room.


I am amazed because as a psychologist it is usually the other side of the coin that I see and live every day. Seeing the people who come to our organization for our services, one cannot express how far the human being can go for various reasons who does not know his purpose and much less Our God and Creator. You are UPF where the purpose and mission is so great that I feel I still have a lot to learn from you and with you. There is so much to express. I send you my heartfelt thanks. I am at your service. Thank you very much. - Ms. Carmen Diaz de Escobar, Ambassador for Peace

In today’s event, IAED panelists described from their viewpoint the current situation of the business world and sustainability, in relation to the importance of social responsibility and caring for the environment. The vice minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Francisco Ruiz Diaz, expressed his historical view of the market, emphasizing that the original principles were based on a selfish concept, but that as time passed, already at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the importance of thinking beyond oneself, focusing on the social and national, made the view of the markets be operated in a more altruistic way.

Magister Carina Daher Pacua, president of the chamber of maquiladora companies of Paraguay, emphasized that the concept of “maquila” is to think of others. It opens the door for small and medium-sized local and foreign companies to establish their companies without taxes. I also emphasize that today the industries in Paraguay have a principle of responsibility for the sustainability of the environment.

Mr. Joao Ferreira, mayor of Bahía Negra, which borders Brazil and Bolivia, emphasized that his job is to assist the original peoples settled in the area. It has initiatives together with the Leda Project where they focus on the sowing of fingerlings to launch into the Paraguay River and to place in the ponds of the different indigenous communities. That way they can consume and sell, leaving the river’s fish for ecotourism.

Finally, Eng. Haruhiko Iwasawa, president of the Foundation for the Development of North and South America - Leda Project, stated that Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon started the project in Leda with the purpose of creating products to alleviate hunger in the region, to support the development of indigenous communities so that they are self-sustaining, and the protection of the environment of “El Pantanal.”

The four panelists knew how to express themselves correctly in the framework of the launch of the IAED. Looking at the outcome of the events that occurred on this day, it can only be said that we are on the road to national restoration.

Mr. Gustavo Giuliano, Director of Education at UPF

Today a beautiful event took place in the bicameral hall of the national congress. First of all, I would like to thank the general secretary of UPF in Paraguay, Félix Coronel, who was behind thousands of details and prepared everything with great faith and enthusiasm.

In my capacity as president of the Women’s Federation for World Peace - Paraguay, I was given the opportunity to give welcoming remarks. I took advantage of this space to give a certificate of recognition to the widow of the recently deceased Ambassador for Peace and founder of Holding Miss Paraguay, Guillermo Rolón. He always had a deep admiration for UPF. Everything was of a very high level, but there was also an atmosphere of great friendship. From the national anthem sung by a young tenor, the religious invocation by a well-known pastor, the excellent guest panelists focused on the launch of the International Association for Peace and Economic Development, the various recognitions and especially the new Ambassadors for Peace, there was an excellence and a sincerity rarely seen.

The participants watched with great interest and admiration the video of our founders and listened to the direct teachings of True Parents on the philosophy of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. And, with strong words: “In defense of life and the natural family made up of a husband and wife,” ex-president Federico Franco gave an unforgettable closing to this event.

Ms. Roswitha Dueck de Giuliano, WFWP-Paraguay and Latin America

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