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Russian Peace Road Follows Poet’s Footsteps

A small group of dedicated bicyclists traveled 120 kilometers in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan as a Peace Road event.


UPF-Belarus Hosts River-Rafting as ‘Peace Road’ Event

UPF volunteers went river rafting for four days as a Peace Road event.


UPF-France and WFWP Discuss "UPF's Vision and Principles of Peace"

A diverse group from all over France gathered to study the UPF Principles of Peace.


UPF-UK Event Celebrates ‘One Human Family’

A diverse audience of 150 attended an interfaith service co-sponsored by UPF.


UPF-Estonia Co-Sponsors ‘One Korea’ Event

The fourth One Korea event combined football with a Peace Road walk.




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Think Tank 2022


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International Association of Academicians for Peace

UPF-Argentina Program Focuses on “Interreligious Dialogue and Good Practices”

Argentina-2022-12-12-5th Discussion in the “Interreligious Dialogue and Good Practices” 2022 Series

Argentina—Prof. Javier Campero, who is in charge of Tierra del Fuego’s Provincial Worship Direction, gave a presentation during the 5th Discussion in the “Interreligious Dialogue and Good Practices” 2022 Series, organized by the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD)/UPF/YSP-Argentina. This was the end of this Series’ second edition, held December 12, 2022, through Zoom and UPF-Argentina’s YouTube channel (1).

Javier Campero is a professor and graduate in theology; chaplain and pastor of the Gran Rey Evangelical Church; supervisor of soup kitchens and social assistance in four neighborhoods in Ushuaia, in the southern province of Tierra del Fuego, where he is assistant secretary of Information and Monitoring of Government Programs; and is currently in charge of the Provincial Worship Direction thanks to Father Aldo Moschetta.

Prof. Campero began by providing context to his presentation: “There is a huge gap between life views or cosmovision of our parents’ and grandparents’ generation and the generations that come behind each one of us. Today, maybe the focus is more on pleasure than on responsibility, and that has led us to live, as a society, in a very complex situation,” he reflected.

He then recalled the fraternal conflict registered in the beginning of the Bible, which ends with the first murder, and God’s interrogation to Cain as to where his brother Abel was. His answer includes a lie and a question: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Such a nonchalant attitude regarding someone else’s fate is an example of selfishness, of not caring about social environment, Prof. Campero claimed.

Prof. Campero also explained that the true concept of “loving the neighbor” and “social responsibility” has dissolved into a more discursive than practical commitment. He admitted that this situation made him have a more in-depth look at his congregation and as a leader. This made him develop, for instance, a community clothing distribution and a food bank, and open soup kitchens in different places, among other answers.

Then, he pondered the importance of teamwork to make greater commitment that transcends time and becomes sustainable. He discussed the responsibility as Christians to transform people’s lives. He recalled his master Jesus: “He had an integral ministry,” Prof. Campero remarked. He did not only give religious speeches, he also assisted people with their health and hunger… In the same vein, he emphasized the importance of social sensitivity and interreligious work to give a hand to those in need.

Moderators of the 5th Discussion were IAPD-Argentina representative Inderveer Kaur, member of the Sikh Dharma Community in Argentina; and UPF-Argentina secretary general, Emanuel Sayavedra, also president of YSP-Argentina, who in the beginning recalled IAPD-Argentina’s lines of action: “Religious Freedom,” “Interreligious Fraternity,” “Family and Common Good,” “Service and Peace Culture,” “Peace with Creation.”

Panelists were coordinator of the 2022 Series, Susana Segovia, from the Scientology Community in Argentina, and IAPD-Argentina representative Graciela Páez Báez, from the Bahá'í Community, who briefly commented on the difficult circumstances her community is suffering in Iran, where they experience persecution and imprisonment. She manifested this was arbitrary, since they work for peace and to spread a universal teaching. She also mentioned that other religions, both minor and major, suffer this injustice.

At the beginning of the program, Inderveer Kaur recalled the 2022 Series objective: “To learn and reflect on the work done in civil society to improve the development of activities by the different creeds and faiths. To value good practices in the public sector and the different faith communities, along with encouraging greater interreligious dialogue and cooperation in cities and provinces across the country. To create a formative space in interreligious and intercultural dialogue, promoting mutual respect, common good and sustainable development. To recognize the contribution of religion and spirituality to help people treat others with respect and dignity and acknowledge their inalienable rights as members of the human family.”

The 2022 “Interreligious Dialogue and Good Practices” Series held five discussions with public officials who serve as directors, secretaries or other positions related to Worship and NGOs, either at provincial or municipal levels.

Each program, which lasted around an hour, had a brief opening in relation to the Series, a presentation of the work done by the guests invited from the different regions (Buenos Aires, Center, Northwest, Northeast and Patagonia), a Q&A session, and a conclusion with a brief speech by the moderators (2).


1) Fifth Discussion with worship directors and secretaries

Guest: Prof. Javier Campero (Patagonian Region)

Monday, December 12 2022: https://youtu.be/7A_SsVplIow

2) Discussions 2022 Series- IAPD/UPF/YSP-Argentina:

First Discussion with worship directors and secretaries

Guests: officials from Buenos Aires Province

Monday, July 18 2022: https://youtu.be/iWk8z5IGprg

Second Discussion with worship directors and secretaries

Guests: officials from the Center Region

Monday, August 15 2022: https://youtu.be/FrQRslN10Fw

Third Discussion with worship directors and secretaries

Guest: Daniela Chávez (Northwest Region)

Government, Human Rights and Work Ministry Worship Director, Salta Province

Monday, September 26 2022: https://youtu.be/8mJLtd5S65A

Fourth Discussion with worship directors and secretaries

Guest: Pedro Luis García (Northeast Region)

Worship Director of Chaco Province

Monday, October 17 2022: https://youtu.be/cGH4BodjIJs

More information on IAPD-International: https://www.upf.org/associations/iapd

YSP-Argentina: https://es.ysplatinamerica.org

UPF-Argentina: https://www.upf.org/chapters/argentina

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Istanbul, Turkey—Mr. Jacques Marion presented the UPF vision and key areas of focus.

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Lima, Peru—UPF-Peru observed the UN International Day of Peace 2023 in the auditorium of the Casa Ramón Castilla.

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